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Industry research 5 days left. Correct sitemap links and the search bar in links. Employers Talk Video Series 4 days left. A python program to grab links and content 4 days left. Python Web Scraping. NOT very difficult for someone with JS knowledge 3 days left. Designer our website 3 days left.

We need traffic from back links 2 days left. Increase app awareness and downloads. Digital Marketing. Monthly SEO Do follow and no folllow links 2 links left. Use PHP and curl to parse and download links from page 1 day left. Still on the look out for more tapes so get in touch if you can help. Other stuff that I meant to mention on the last update and forgot: Filthy Rich zshare busy cranking out the mixes, with his latest drops marking the anniversary releases of Pharoahe Monch's Internal Affairs and Method Man's Tical LPs DJ Diablo who's responsible for a good chunk of the Westwood tapes Zshare posted amongst other things kicks off his new podcast with an interview with DJ MK.

Some more big guests are promised for future episodes. That should keep you busy. Posted by step one at Tuesday, Google veronica diaz nude pics 26, 3 comments:. Tuesday, 19 November Hot 97 - July ' Some Hot 97 action from the summer of '94, with host Paco Lopez and then Balthazar for the last links minutes. Being an early evening slot this is a slightly more mainstream playlist than you might get zshare a Flex or Evil Dee mixshow but it's a nice selection nonetheless.

Thanks to Random Rap Radio for the unlabelled tape. He's been busy over there recently so go see him.

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But first, we have his music. So at least we can start there. There is something singular about a Juiceboxxx show, wherein he might run through some songs that remind you of Public Enemy—whom Juiceboxxx went on tour with, in Canada—or Beastie Boys. Yes, there are guitars, but he raps, too; Juice came out of those noise-damaged scenes, and everything he does is coated in a level of intensity.

He sticks to his guns. Choose music service. Juiceboxxx "Freaking Out" Official Video. The Boxxx Report Updates. Sign Up now. We will never share your email links for any reason.

Hearing Big drop at that time unheard lyrics from Juicy and Everyday Struggle over Impeach The President and Craig Mack following him with Flava In Ya Ear about to hit the streets is a pretty iconic moment so zshare I don't usually jack content from other people I had to have this one and give it some additional shine. I've edited it down so you'll have to check Soundcloud links you want to hear Flex in the mix for the 50 minutes that preceded this.

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It was ripped at a really low bit rate unfortunately but it's listenable. If you don't have time for the whole thing, here's the freestyle Also, I'm running low on tapes to rip at the moment so if you've got any an want links share get in touch. I can return them when I'm done. Posted by step one at Saturday, September 14, 4 comments:.

Over the last few years my waning now pretty much non-existent interest in new Hip Hop has meant I've gone back and discovered a new found appreciation for artists who I'd previously enjoyed, but perhaps never delved to deep into their catalogues. Signed by Heavy D to Uptown after the rest links his Children Of The Corn crew had found deals elsewhere, McGruff's debut album Destined To Be suffered from his label's attempts to jump on the Bad Zshare bandwagon of the moment and have him dropping jiggy club efforts rather than the more thugged out Harlem-centric content that was his strong suit.

Kind of understandable given that Uptown properly dropped the ball with Biggie worst label decision ever in rap? In McGruff's case he got off to a good start with the Harlem Kids Get Biz promo 12", but the album had far too many lukewarm, middle of the road joints like Gruff Express and didn't really make much of an impression. I'm not sure if it was just bad timing, people zshare his ideas or vice versa but Herbert seems to have a issue in the jackin for beats department which probably hindered his progress somewhat.

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Creep is dope, but it's based around the same break Biggie used on Warning. I haven't really ventured into his re-emergence with Dipset in the s so its mostly mid-late 90s material, and although it's pretty heavy on collaborations and guest appearances it's a decent representation of the man's work. Obviously these were taken from a variety of sources - CD, vinyl, digital, some official, some less so.

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If you've got anything else that should've been included let links know. Posted by step one at Saturday, September 07, 6 comments:. Labels: Don't SleepMcGruffunreleased heatvinyl rips. Posted by step one at Saturday, August 31, No comments:.

This has been online before but I just ripped my own copy and thought I'd post it as a it's the first Clue tape I bought and zshare it's full of bangers. You also get a young Fabolous opening up proceedings and an up links coming Ludacris closing the tape with a brief freestyle over the Ha instrumental. This is also the tape that put me up on Cali Chronic and the Deja Vu remix. Posted by step one at Wednesday, August 21, No comments:. Posted by step one at Tuesday, August links, 1 comment:. I've had this tape for ages think it's another one Tobes gave me but for one reason or another never got hot naked guys and girl models to ripping it.

I'm pleased to say that it's not, and it's actually a nice selection from the summer of ' Hansika nude wallpaper by step one at Sunday, August 18, No comments:.

I've been going back through some tapes and re-ripping things at kbps whilst trying to date them for HHRA purposes, but also just because having several shows labelled with just a year gets confusing and have come across a few bits that I've never posted before. This recording of In Control was one such zshare. I think it was part of the first bundle Tobes gave me. Clark gets busy. Posted by step one at Wednesday, August 14, No zshare. Posted by step one at Tuesday, August 13, 3 comments:.

Big up Bad Cop for this one Black Moon — Reality Killing Every…. Black Moon - One-Two. Smif-N-Wessun Feat. Black Moon Feat. Posted by step one zshare Friday, August 09, No comments:. Another out of Yoda's collection. Zee in the house for an interview and freestyle session. Posted by step links at Sunday, August 04, No comments:.


zshare links tumblr happy nudist Juiceboxxx might be out of his links, but in zshare the best ways—he owns it and commits to this unstoppable onslaught of creative ideas and outbursts. And the album-closing eponymous track even brings to mind the melodic chime and epic codas of the Pixies. And yet, here, at the start of the first verse of the first song of his newest album, Juiceboxxx lays it all out for you:. But back to that couplet. Yes, he is an optimist when zshare comes to art, despite the times and the reality we live in this, links you note, is an old Bad Brains trick. No, that job does not have a clocking out time.
zshare links sue after the valley game This was a tape I played to death but hadn't ripped until now. I've actually already posted a different recording of the show that Diablo gave me, which had the segments with Mobb Deep, Nas, Raekwon and Lil Dap in the studio. This new rip has the interviews cut out I think I saved the freestyles on a separate tape and is just Flex in the mix for 90 minutes. It's been pause buttoned here and there but this is how I remember it Posted by step one at Tuesday, December 17, No comments:.
zshare links fuckwhit man ethiopian girl free vdo This was a tape I played to death but hadn't ripped until now. I've actually already posted a different recording of the show that Diablo gave me, which had the segments with Mobb Deep, Nas, Raekwon and Lil Dap in the studio. This new rip has the interviews cut out I think I saved links freestyles on a separate tape and is just Flex in the mix for 90 minutes. It's been pause buttoned here and there but this is how I remember it Posted by step zshare at Tuesday, December 17, No comments:.
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