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Tamakoma First. Tamakoma Second. Kei Tachikawa. Reiji Kizaki. Shuji Miwa. Ko Murakami. Yuma Kuga. Kirie Konami. Kohei Izumi. Osamu Mikumo. Chika Amatori. Soya Kazama. Jun Arashiyama. Shiori Usami. Ai Kitora. Tachikawa Unit. Kazama Unit. Shiro Kikuchihara. Shun Midorikawa. Kyosuke Karasuma. Miwa Unit. Yosuke Yoneya. Nozomi Kako. Isami Toma. Ken Satori. Arashiyama Unit. Mitsuru Tokieda.

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Kako Unit. Yuzuru Ema. Masataka Ninomiya. Kotaro Suwa. Tetsuji Arafune. Kusakabe Unit. Takeru Yuiga.

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Toru Narasaka. Shinji Fuyushima. Yuu Kunichika. Ninomiya Unit. Rei Nasu. Shohei Kodera. Fuyushima Unit. Ryo Utagawa. Futaba Kuroe. Suwa Unit. Ren Tsukimi.

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Sumiharu Inukai. Shinnosuke Tsuji. Haruaki Azuma. Kuruma Unit. Nasu Unit. Arafune Unit. Hikari Nire. Because they spend asian home video porn much time doing publicity for Border, they are believed by many to be inferior to the other A-rank teams, though this has been shown to be untrue.

Their emblem has a design composed of 5 small black pentagons yuu a white star symbol inside each, arranged so as to form another star symbol. Their emblem kunichika composed of a butterfly possibly a swallowtail with spread wings, with the uppercase letter K in place of the lower right wing's pattern.

Their emblem is composed of two black snakes spiraling around a bullet. They're frequently trying to show off, but get constantly beaten up. According to Replica, they seem like idiots. Their surnames are revealed in their anime credits and their given names in the first databook. The Neighborhood is divided in many different countries, which are "planets" which follow different orbits, and some yuu fly around freely. Liberi is the Latin word for "children".

The god's country and the yuu military state. Calvaria kunichika the Latin name for Calvarywhere Jesus was crucified in the Bible. It is also the upper part of the neurocranium skullcap. The citizens' names come from kunichika of Doraemona series which Ashihara is a confessed fan of and which is one of the inspirations of World Trigger.

Black World - The term Neighbors commonly use to refer to Earth and its people.

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Trigger On - This is the activation phrase used by controllers to activate their power mode so they can use their special powers, the trigger weapons. Black triggers are the only triggers that do not yuu a safety return to base feature like the B and A class triggers normally have.

There are also limitations to who can use them as the power or spirit energy that makes up the power sources inside triggers selective of who it is willing to pair up with.

As such, any Black Trigger user must be compatible with the trigger or nothing will happen. Emergency Escape - Bail out is a safety system that is automatically triggered when the user takes yuu much damage or loses too much trion to continue fighting. This safety function ejects the user safely back to HQ via some sort of aerial teleportation method indicated by the distinctive kunichika streak it marks in the sky as its trail.

Neighbor - Though Border commonly refers to Trion Warriors as neighbors, the true Lois ass xxx sex are humanoid or human beings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents.

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January Comic Natalie. Retrieved December 4, Anime News Network.

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yuu kunichika flexible women nude video The article is a list of characters that appear in the action sci-fi manga and anime, World Trigger. Tamakoma Branch's engineers created various Triggers which are a lot more powerful than those in the Headquarters. They are prohibited to participate in Border's Rank Wars due to their triggers being considered too powerful. All of its combatants are All-Rounders. They're currently No. It's the base for most of Border's teams.
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