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"We Were on a Break!"

Ross and Rachel Friends He's her lobster We were on a break. Were or were they not on a break? Ross Rachel We were on a break Friends 10 season last episode. Guys it's okay that One Direction are going on a break!!!

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Ross and Rachel were on a break and they still ended up together!!! Teacher: why didn't you do your homework you had a whole two weeks Me: Fall Out Boy leaked their own album and it took over my entire life Teacher Plot Twist. Taylor forgot her password for 8 months and just remembered it.

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Rachel: You know, Ben, I was your daddy's girlfriend. Ben: But you're not anymore. Because you were on a break. S sitcom tv sweet.

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Ross, however, while confessing his love for Rachel to Rachel's dad and Phoebe, doesn't tell Rachel until the very last episode, " The Last One, Part 2 ". Chandleron the other hand, is so deeply affected by the whole state of affairs that he resumes smoking and, for the first time in his life, cries. Unsuccessful with their friends, Ross and Rachel both attempt to indoctrinate their own points of view on Ben and EmmaRoss's children, resulting in hilarious scenes.

Also in " The One With Ross' Wedding, Part 2 ", in a flight to London, Rachel succeeds in eliciting a response from a third-party a passenger to London played by Hugh Laurie anime xxx mobile, although to her utter dismay, the verdict is "it seems to be perfectly clear that you were on a break!

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The phrase is last heard in The Last One Part Two when Ross and Rachel state that this is it for them and Ross says "unless we're on a break" but then adds "don't make jokes now" before resuming kissing Rachel. Over the course of the show, the cast of Friends and especially David Schwimmer loved the saying.

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It is one of the most used running gags of the series. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Rachel: We were on a break!


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we were on a break gif high definition porn Starting with episode 17 of break three " The One Without The Ski Trip " Ross recurrently repeats the phrase "we were on a break" in the recurring rows with Rachel as well as on occasions when the audience least expects it. Rachel also repeats her alternative version "We were Were on a break! Ross emphasizes that he and Rachel had broken up and thus he was free to strike a partnership with any other woman while Rachel maintains that somehow they had not been on a break and so Ross actually cheated on her. The phrase puts the friends in painful situations as they try not to take side with either of them, lest their friendship big black chick porn jeopardized. They regard the whole affair utterly childish. In addition to gif no comment on the issue, Phoebe occasionally asks Ross to confess his love for Rachel openly, when he least expects the matter to come up. Ross, however, while confessing his love for Rachel to Rachel's dad and Phoebe, doesn't tell Rachel until the very last episode, " The Last One, Part 2 ".
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