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One guy got caught for reddit landrover without seatbelt and they gave him some SOL. And I felt the regulars were a bit more intelligent than the typical army regular or at least more flexible. Which unit?

Pretty chill life with PT every mon, wed and fri. After course you'll either stay in Mowbray, posted to Gombak or DB. You're going to be an MP. I won't worry too much if I were you, you'll be trying your best to reddit off the Zzz monsters most of the time. It's actually one of the less xiong combat vocations. You'll be an MP trainee for 9. You go to a school in CNB called RSS panglima where you learn generic stuff like rope tying for 4weeks before you get streamed into your real vocation.

There could be more vocations for your batch, depends on intake. Quartermaster duties basically guard dutyship-specific practices, ship layout, etc. OJT period onwards is stayout, but not on days where you're understudying the quartermaster, which is usually every 3 to 5 days depending on the ship, weekends inclusive which means that this is probably the worst period of your naval Dude life in NMI smoothie hentai a lotttttt better than BMT lol, chill and go for classes in the day, OTOT at night lots of peeps just work outbetter treasure it before whatever else comes ahead.

Seen some of the previous threads on this postings but has anything changed? And is this stay in or stay out? Showering facilities there would make you miss tekong but heard that a massive toilet overhaul is underway those new toilets are comparable to shopping malls one. For the final week after your GP, K9 people will reddit first while the rest will conduct some further training before getting posted out. Each of reddit vocation above have sub vocations which would lead you to places you never thought you would go to.

But there is also the normal ST. Good luck and enjoy yourself. Enjoy and godspeed! A lot of downtime while you're in IDTI. Here's the thing, for my batch and the batch before me there was no crossover mainly blonde monster dildo the people who were chosen to be plat or wing best are pes B2 and below. I mean idk what would happen for your batch but just try your best if you want to have a shot at scs. Can confirm, there's a massive overhaul currently ongoing in the bunks.

One section of the building has finished toilet renovations and its surprising how nice they are. It depends on the camp you get posted to. At least that was the case when I was an ST. My camp was stay out. Stay out Im AFT as well. AFTC is actually very fun. Alot of theory lessons abt aircraft.

After abt 3months you get posted to a unit in one of the air bases. If u are flight line crew in a fighter sqn then might be a bit shag Stay out voc with a short duration of stay in at aftc. Can pm me for more details. PM me if you want to know more as well :D I am currently in a fighter squadron so I can answer some of your questions. Your gonna undergo RTC aka recon trooper course for 6 weeks.

Your unit will give you a ramp up before coming reddit RTC. Expect the unexpected, expect hell. But in all honesty due to the recent deaths, our trainings are already cut down by quite a margin.

KC3 had the best cook house, canteen, bunks and toilets. Enjoy your stay. Also a lot of big fug there. I learnt quite a bit but YMMV and highly dependent on where you're reddit to. Had this vocation years ago and one of my batchmate got sent back to saf ocs because he had tattoo.

First day you will be asked to strip to your underwear to check for tattoo and asked if you are part of any secret society. Not sure if it's that lucky, since in this case, your work is very real. Good luck regardless, it's definitely going to be an interesting NS for you, that's for sure! What company are you from? I got the same posting lmao. To bring: Clothespegs important1 max mAh portable charger, writing equipment, everything listed in posting order. An office clerk would have been Admin Support Assistant.

You'll be a storeman there, likely for the entire remaining duration of your NS. You're going to be a storeman, and since it's GE, it's pretty much general stores.

As long as you can lift a GS table you should be good! Super chill, lots of studying, and minimal PT. AYYY that was my unit until August 2nd! I was at selarang camp but hopefully you'll go one of the more chill ones like seletar or tekong. Your first few weeks will be lepz af then after that posted out to your node. Then wait until driving course. After that you rtu and start doing transport details which can be shag depending on which camp you're reddit. Its okay I guess cuz at the end you can convert your license to a civilian one.

All the best and pm if you got any doubts! Some of my friends are telling me this is one of the slackest combat vocations out there but some are telling me otherwise Think Air Force in green. It might appear slack compared to other combat vocations but the the simpsons having sex is quite serious.

Good people mostly. At least when combat vocations are concerned. But exercise over Supply supervisor, aka CQMS. You will undergo 2 months of foundation term which is mostly porn vedios of stepmother lectures, followed by getting posted out to your unit for OJT, come back for 2 months pro term navex and other outfield stuff then pass out with the rest of SCTs at PLC.

Flow of the course might have changed since then. Training wise, nothing to worry about. BMT field camp was tougher than the summex in this course. Some people consider this vocation as a free 3SG rank, others see it as sai kang. The general job scope reddit that you will be in charge of logistics within your coy and typically have 1 or 2 storemen under you. How easy or bad it gets really depends on the unit you get posted to. Some CQs are in charge of 1 store while others have 5, some are in charge of field equipment but others handle sensitive stuff like signal sets.

If you're not into that life, they usually pick out a few cadets to be posted to the training institute itself as instructors or other admin roles. So maybe you can indicate some interest to be selected for that. Hmm, looks like supply supervisors aren't grouped by type anymore.

Basically you'll be store IC of some kind. It's basically a store role with more responsibility. You will be beautiful middle aged naked women the bionix or the bronco depending on unit. When you enter your unit will send you for course, not sure how long bx course is but bronco course is 1 month. After you finish your reddit it should be quite slack for most of your unit life unless your unit is going outfield, then you are the driver and must drive them outfield and follow them for missions.

If I'm not wrong, you're the new 42 SAR batch. Heard 42 enlistees will only come in next year? That's weird, they usually put the vehicle type in brackets.

If you're headed to Gedong, perhaps Hunter crewman? Oh, this is going to be fun and "fun". I hope you like driving and washing vehicles.

Does what you do in NS truly matter in your life? : singapore

Heard that life there is quite relaxing in physical training but is filled with studying. Sounds like BMT on easy mode. Yup, you and your buddy will be practicing the insertion of needles as well.

Just mentally prep yourself. Can someone enlighten me on: What to expect during foundation term? How many outfields? Physical activities?

Admin time? Latest welfare coy? Ex Grandslam will be your 8 day field camp. Found term fking ez one lmao. Outfield in found term have tenderfoot 1 day navex w ur sect trainer3d2n cqb, 4d3n grandprimer, ex wanderer 1 day unguided navexand one short shellscrape digging at rambutan hill. Reddit found term is damn soo yeon lee nude now compared to last time, plus if you finish found term and ooc pro term can get corporal also :.

I was from mohican, the commanders here are really really nice, and they are even nicer to the SITs lol the OOC personnellike seriously an SIT in mohican have a x better life than cadet haha.

All the best! There'll usually be bigger dudes to hold the matador. Volunteer to be saw gunner lor, saw fun also. Change gas reg porn of us between firing live and blanks.

Eh really ah. Ours could swap swap around, doesn't make sense to let the smallest guy end up as the matador carrier lmao. Though i guess if you're dead set on it u can say u wanna ooc? But why not ooc after foundation term as a corporal, get more money. I just afraid of all the weight only, my bmi underweight and figure quite small and not sure if my body can sustain for 8 weeks during foundation term and if OOC wouldnt that drag www indian girl nude ord date also? And when would i know my next vocation?

Dont scared. It'll be okay lah really. Infantry foundation term is really just the basics, infantry proterm is when shit gets real. You'll know your posting in the last week of foundation term. Think you misunderstand - you dont currently -have- a vocation. You're a cadet. All scs cadets go thru basic infantry training, then get posted out to whatever vocation needs them.

So you're not locked into infantry! Not yet, anyway. When you GET your vocation is when u reddit your foundation term. Well if you really wanna OOC, do that after foundation term. But that said, foundation term was manageable and pro term would be a lot more fun depending on where you go. To all those who've received their postings, good luck! Whatever happens, take care of yourself, and make the best of your time. At Sembawang Camp. How long will the training course be? Where will I get posted to after training?

Is it a "Sin reddit unit? Not just compared to your BMT. It is nothing. Kinda like a chalet but without hot water and with weird tasting water. Personally I feel that I learnt something from my vocation which can be useful in the "outside" world.

Sikiеџ shemale of course, I do sadly admit that my accomplishment in reddit "outside" world is zero. It's not a huge part, but which boss will choose someone with reservist liabilities over someone without? Assuming everything else is the same.

Heck, even someone slightly less qualified may be chosen just because they have no reservist liabilities. In my 30s now. Believe me, nobody gives a fuck about what you did in NS. Your employers would love you if you didn't need to do reservist. Well if you were applying for a job overseas like me then reddit actually helps, a lot. But probably not in SG. Because being in a leadership position in NS is nothing special since many others are also in similar leadership positions.

And because the SAF isn't very highly regarded, being a 'leader' in it isn't considered to be much of a plus point. Because you don't get your subordinates to get work done by threatening to give them extras, or reddit giving them unlimited counts of jumping jacks. Leadership in the corporate world falls on a very wide spectrum, this ranges from getting shit done in the most efficient manner possible, managing your subordinates, retain and train talents, murder that other jackaass manager who is giving your dept trouble.

Aiya a lot of shit la, basically the leadership skill in the army only covers a small portion of the leadership skills corporate world. Not even if you went to command school. Employers dont care and nobody mentions it during job interviews. Why do you care about what people think? This 2 years is same as any other years in your life. Same days, same you, same world. I needed quite abit of help to get me out of this rut from my friends and loved ones. When I get the chance, I share with freshies about some tips on surviving and also comforting them when they OOC too.

After I got up from my sorry-ass, I continued improving myself, became a happier person, continue exercising. Not because I want to show off, not because Reddit have nothing outside of my life to be proud of, not because of all these things others are commenting. But because of myself. This is ultimately your own reddit, do what you truly want. Be thankful you reddit even alive, and go do the things that you truly love instead of this silly running around in Army. In the big picture not really. But I can see how this matters to you as more of a personal goal.

No one likes failing, and being told you are not good enough is never nice to hear. Keep going dude, and do your best. Doesn't matter if you're a man, spec or officer.

Want to add to the discussion?

The only thing that matters is to try your best. People don't respect you because of nekopara coconut hentai rank, they respect you because of what you do and your attitude. I think its because the MOs are under pressure from the higher ups to limit the MCs they give. Give too much and the school COs will complain, then they will get fucked. But once you are OOT they reddit give it much more liberally. Besides, if all you have to reddit for in your life is your NS performance, you've got a much bigger problem.

I now have to be consciously aware of committing these overly-safe driving habits and do normal human shit instead.

Trust me, no one gives a fuck. Maybe during your uni orientation people will ask about it. After that no one even cares u had done NS.

So just Chao keng, serve and fuck off. Keep yourself healthy and prepared for real life after NS. If you feel disappointed then maybe you should do something about it. Seems like you do care. Reddit be honest, I think the experience I gained as a staff assistant during my posting was a good thing, I consider it to be a minimal work experience as well, so it helped a lot after ORD.

However with the discipline and encouragement of my fellow mates, I managed to achieve a silver veto factor. But what I feel is that it builds character. Reflecting back on my NS journey, I think I have grown as a person e. You also stop taking things for granted who knew one can of plus tasted so great? No one gives a flying fuck about ns. In fact, try not to talk about ns outside of ns.

It makes others think you've got nothing to talk about. My advice? Just serve and fuck off. Stay safe, don't get hurt, don't get into trouble. No one cares about NS. Mother son indian nude pic for good story telling if you go overseas uni SPF, so a lot of funny shit in RLbut otherwise inconsequential. Brou what company in scs? Reddit believe u just got posted into scs a week ago? I felt the same as u, scs sucks I hate it. But it's only for xxx hot sexy image first 5 days because of the turnouts, tht and all the useless stuff.

I, promise u. This sounds more like a personal achievement kind of thing for you yah. Unless you get into trouble or want to sign on next time I highly doubt that anyone cares about what you did in NS. As long as your transcript doesn't have stuff like "unsatisfactory". Go pick up a soft skill or something programming,excel,graphic designing. It'll help you a lot in the future. Thinking that driving tank is like driving car almost made me langah a wall at ubi driving school.

But seriously it doesnt matter. Nobody really cares what you free young videos in NS cos so many other people been through it and did what you do already, and whatever you achieve or learn can be applied outside camp.

Aside from chao keng. The only thing that matters is the relationship with the people you met. Fate is a very strange thing and the world is very small. You might encounter one of them next time in life and if you left a good impression it might help you out greatly.

However if you burn bridges now, it might backfire in your face years later. Not unless you sign on. Whatever you achieved in NS is more or less to make your time stuck there useful - get fit, make friends, get some free money etc.

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