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And keep asking questions on this forum as you go thats what it is here for! Much more versatility for all of your clocking needs. I'm pretty new to the modular world as well. However, Pam seems to satisfy all of my clocking needs.

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I would hold off on both 4ms modules and just go for the Pam. She works as an 8 output clock source that can vary in all outputs. In short you can set a "master" Bpm with 8 different divisions clocking all of your modules at once.

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Completely eliminating the need for the RCD and break out. Hope this helps. The important part of the rdc is the R. You can trigger it and each clock will move to the next division. Watch a video of it and you'll get the picture. Picks of wife's rate or get out. There used to be a website called rate my rack. This one had rack.com to do with weights, it was about tits. WVUfan said Do you go barefoot or wear shoes? I always wear wrestling shoes when I'm going to be kicking or rolling.

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