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CONNIE & STEVEN RULE 34 REVIEW [Steven Universe Discussion]

Ace has ice powers, Girl base drawing has stretching powers, Lil' Arturo has ppg speed, Grubber has a loud belch that can tear bricks off of walls, and Big Billy is a rock.

Now, it's superpowered good girls versus the superpowered bad teens. Dave Smith and Chris Savino. Him has given the girls a set of nine riddles to solve in a time limit. The various tasks test both the girls' physical and mental faculties. Girls playing with dildos, if they fail to complete them all on time, Him promises them that "the Professor will pay", meaning they would lose him forever, only to find it wasn't like that at all in the end.

Charlie Bean. When a film director named Bernie Bernstein sister ties up brother to come make a movie on the Powerpuff Girls saving the day, it goes all wrong on the red rule when he is disrespectful to Bubbles, leading the Professor to overhear that the movie is a scam because Bernie wants to steal money from the Townsville bank.

Now, he must alert the girls to the scam and cut the movie short before it's too late. Cindy Morrow and Clay Morrow. After Buttercup destroys her chalk, Bubbles is offered a new set by a butterfly, who is Him in disguise.

However, her drawings come to life, which attack Pokey Oaks and defeat her sisters. Now Bubbles must overcome her shock to stop these creatures, using chalk and duster as weapons. Now the girls must travel to the past to keep Mojo from preventing their creation by hurting a younger version of the Professor. The girls try to join the superhero organization, the Justice Friends, but they must prove themselves to do so by tests of strength, speed, and smarts.

But the only flaw about the organization is it doesn't allow "little girls" into the group and it's centered around men. However, when an enemy attacks the organization, the rule must come to amatuer black tranny rescue.

Rob Renzetti and Craig McCracken. Mark Andrews. Nanobots— ppg robots— rain on Townsville to eat all the carbon in it, ppg clothes. The solution is to have the girls shrink to microscopic size to defeat them. However, they are too powerful for the girls and they are defeated. It is by the intervention of Professor Utonium that Townsville is saved.

Lauren Faust and Shellie Kvilvang. Bubbles saves a squirrel from an eagle. They take her home, and before Bubbles sleeps, she gives a few drops of Chemical X. After getting trapped on a sticky floor by Mojo Jojo, the squirrel speeds through to save the girls, naming her Bullet. The four work working together protecting Townsville, but Bullet finally decides to return to the woods to protect the animals.

Robert Alvarez and Craig McCracken. Chris Reccardi and Chris Mitchell. A rule alien life force predicts the Powerpuff Girls' every move. All their efforts are futile and the girls are ultimately defeated. Thus, Mojo Jojo has to team up with the Powerpuff Girls to save the day. Charlie Bean and Chris Mitchell. Dick Hardly is a college friend of Professor Utonium. However, upon seeing the girls, Dick sees them as a key to fame and fortune. He ppg talks to the girls, and with the proper ingredients including some stolen 'Chemical X'creates the Powerpuff Girls X-Treme.

Dick mass-produces them and soon the cheaply made knock-offs are in every corner of the globe. The girls try to stop Dick, who ingests the remainder of the 'Chemical X' he has on hand. The substance then turns Dick into a monster, who then tries to steal the 'Chemical X' from the ppg themselves. When the Professor finds out, his love causes the spiteful Dick to lose control of the clones. The girls make a new friend named Robin, but their friendship is strained by the rule constant need of aid of protecting Townsville.

This leaves her in Princess' agenda, and the girls must try to reaffirm Robin's friendship. Not So Awesome Blossom: Blossom loses confidence in herself after failing to destroy Mojo Jojo's robots, believing she is a jinx.

After Buttercup defeats Rule Jojo's robots, she replaces Blossom as the leader while Mojo Jojo comes up with a plan to destroy the girls and the Professor. Blossom is put to the test when Mojo challenges her to deal with his hazardous balancing traps. After defeating a monster, the girls return home for some well-deserved sleep, but are unaware of the evil that lurks above them as it turns out that Hot duels has used the girls' own fears against them.

The girls must face their greatest fears and bring down the monstrous Him. Shut the Pup Up: After witnessing a crime, Talking Dog stays at the Powerpuff Girls house for a while as part of a witness protection program. The girls try to get him to tell them about the crime he witnessed, but all he does is just insult everyone by mistake. Divide and Conquer: After stealing a tangerine and watching it split up into different pieces, the Amoeba Boys learn how to multiply and make duplicates of themselves.

Meanwhile, at Rule Oaks, Ms. Keane teaches the rule math and the Powerpuff Girls must use math to stop the Amoeba Boys. Shotgun Wedding: The Professor tries to figure out just what kind of species Fuzzy Lumpkins is, but when he accidentally gets covered in mud and flowers, it makes him look like a Lumpkin, which Fuzzy falls in love with and tries to marry.

When the girls realize the Professor is missing, they have to fight through Fuzzy's entire family to find the Professor before things get complicated. Substitute Creature: When Ms. Keane gets sick, she hires a substitute teacher named Mr.

Green to run the class in her absence. Unfortunately, because of his monstorous appearance, the girls assume he is a bad guy and try to save their classmates from him. Randy Myers and John McIntyre. Brian Larsen and Chris Reccardi. Him is sick and ppg of all rule the villains including himself failing in their neverending plot to destroy the Powerpuff Girls, so he brings the Rowdyruff Boys back to life and makes them more powerful than ever.

The Powerpuff Girls try to defeat them by kissing them again, but this time, instead of the kisses ebony lesbians clit grinding them, it only makes them "bigger and more powerful.

Chris Savino and John McIntyre. Chris Savino and Dave Smith. In this musical episode in the style of rock ppg Jesus Christ Superstar and Tommythe girls are overwhelmed with the crime in Townsville. An evil gnome Jess Harnell grants them the wish of peace in exchange for their powers and ends up inducting the people of Townsville into a cult. But when the girls realize the need for balance in the world, they themselves end the deal and send the gnome into nonexistence, returning Townsville back to normal.

When she tries to prove herself to the boys, they reject her. The girls realize they need better firepower to stop the boys, so they temporarily recruit Princess. However, Princess is surprised that the girls allow the boys to take their powerful vehicles.

Bubble Boy: Bubbles goes undercover with the Rowdyruff Boys by pretending to be Boomer having been ambushed by the girls. Unfortunately, she is not exactly cut out to be Rowdyruff material. P arents A gainst P ower Puffs threaten the Professor to take legal action to make sure that the girls never use their powers again, but they soon learn the hard way that Townsville is completely defenseless without them.

Bang for Your Buck: The girls and the Ganggreen Gang who want more recognition compete to raise enough money to buy a giant laser from Mojo Jojo. The girls try to stop them, but because of their innocent looks, the animal criminals have the advantage, and the town, blinded by the animals' cuteness, begins turning against the girls. The girls have to figure out a way to put an end to their crime streak by getting children involved. Coupe D'Etat: When Professor Utonium tries to upgrade his car, the girls realize that it is taking the Professor away from them, both figuratively and literally.

Say Uncle: The girls' uncle comes to visit, but they mistakenly take a taffy-loving Sasquatch home, causing an identity misunderstanding. Oops, I Did It Again: The Professor dreams he had made three normal little girls after realizing all of his successes are mere accidents. John McIntyre and Randy Myers. Chris Reccardi. Rule villainess Mask Scara Phyllis Diller defaces the posters, billboards, and people of Townsville after the Dull look replaces the Trashy look, affecting everyone except Blossom, who is one step ahead.

Ppg Mayor: The girls enter the Mayor's dream world to find the source of his nightmares. City of Nutsville: Bubbles gets stung in the throat by a bee just as a bunch of squirrels start attacking Townsville. Bullet returns to deal with the Major's statue and the pothole full of nuts.

Bryan Andrews. The Ganggreen Gang ppg committing brilliant crimes for Sedusa so she can get her revenge on the girls for making her bald. Simian Says: Mojo takes over as the narrator.

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He commands the girls to do what he wants until it's revealed in the end what happened to the narrator. City of Frownsville: A miserable scientist named Lou Gubrious uses his machine to switch everyone's happiness with his crying depression, making him the happiest man in Townsville. The girls has to find a way to make to make the people of Townsville happy again before they drown in their sorrow.

Randy Myers and Robert Alvarez. This takes place during the fictional cowboy era. Mizzen in Action: Pirate Crack McCraigen an anagram of series creator Craig McCracken and his crew mistake Chemical X for treasure when they are mysteriously transported to the present, leaving the girls to fight these powered pirates to get the Professor back and the pirates back into ppg past.

What's the Big Idea? Neighbor Hood: A children's show tries to convince its viewers to send them money, and Bubbles gives the show the town's treasury. Buttercup and Blossom must show her what really goes on behind the cameras.

Octi-Gone: Bubbles tries to figure out who dismembered Octi on the night of a major party at her house. Craig McCracken Vaughn Tada additional. The Powerpuff Girls try to stop the villains of Townsville from obtaining the Key to the World, ppg actually gives its possessor the right to rule the world, and surprisingly rule, Mojo Jojo obtains the key, and actually makes the world a better place.

However, he later finds that peace to him is boring, and makes Townsville the same old crime filled town again. The show ends with the girls beating Mojo and saving the day. Lauren Faust and Craig Lewis. Mojo Jojo kidnaps an opera singer, a flamboyant mathematician, and a somehow famous badger. After being humiliated yet again by the Powerpuff Girls, he devises a new plan, by creating a game similar to a different game which Bubbles seemed to enjoy.

The other Powerpuff Girls eventually follow, and are forced ppg capture the hostages Mojo Jojo previously captured, which Professor Utonium presumes that he is using them to get Chemical X. After the Powerpuff Girls defeat Mojo, he claims that his plan was not to get Chemical X, but rule Townsville by becoming a celebrity by starting a successful ppg team including the girls. Eventually, Professor Utonium, the Mayor, Ms.

Bellum, and the Powerpuff Girls agree to be part of the softball team, just so they can win trophies. However, they end up tricking Mojo and he is eventually taken to jail at the end. Includes "Uh Oh Dynamo", "Mr. Also includes a page booklet of character biographies, interviews, stickers, and games. Includes "Twisted Sister", "Something's a Ms. Volume 1 Japanese DVD [80]. Volume 2 Japanese DVD [80]. Volume 3 Japanese DVD [80]. Volume 4 Japanese DVD [80]. Includes "Uh, Oh Volume 5 Japanese DVD [80]. Volume rule Japanese DVD [80].

Volume 7 Japanese DVD [80]. Volume 8 Japanese DVD [80]. Includes "Mo Job", "Something's a Ms. Volume 9 Japanese DVD [80]. Volume 10 Japanese DVD [80]. Context, as in much of law, matters greatly. SW, F. Bancorp Equip. Babylon Transit, Inc. Plastic Coolant Tubes Prods. Ohio quoting Rule 34 b 1 c. Kidwiler v. Progressive Paloverde Ins. Graham, F. Chertoff, No. June 2, same ; Bruggeman ex rel. Bruggeman v. Blagojevich, F. Jefferson-Pilot Corp.

The advisory committee divulged as much: "[T]he growth in electronically stored information and in the variety of systems for creating and sorting such information has ppg dramatic. PHH Mortg. Aheger v. Rule 36 With antecedents in equity and state procedures,"6 Rule 36 allows a party to serve on another "a written request to admit. Kirkland's, Inc. Ardinger In re Adkins Supply, Inc. Lynn v. Monarch Recovery Mgmt. Sullivan, World sexest chabby girls porn. Kmart Corp.

Discovery Card Servs. See generally Daniel C. Krepps In re KreppsB. Playboy Enters. Welles, 60 F. Bar In re TobkinF. Enron Corp. In re Enron Corp. Adept Process Servs. Untch, F. EquipmentFacts, Rule. Holdings, Inc.

App'x4th Cir. Sommerfield v. City of Chi. Powell Constr. Lappin, No. June 6, "Rule 36 should not be used unless the statement of fact sought to be admitted is phrased so that it can be admitted or denied without explanation. Rule 37 "Provid[ing] generally for sanctions against parties or persons unjustifiably resisting discovery,"l2 6 Rule 37 authorizes punishment for various misdeeds.

Pursuant to Rule 37 a 3 B"[a] party seeking discovery may move for an order compelling an answer, designation, production, or inspection. Fulton Cty. Piper, U. Emory Univ. Subsection A of Rule 27 a 3 applies "[i]f a party fails to make a disclosure required by Rule 26 a. Int'l Paper Co. Allied Chem. Elston Self Serv. Wholesale Groceries, Inc. Symetra Life Ins. Stambaugh, F. Maddow v. Underwood, U. Daioleslam, F. United States, Fed. See Lindsey D. However, the advisory committee described this Rule as both "automatic" and "self-executing.

Deckers Outdoor Corp. Davis, F. Catalina Enters. Rule 37 was amended in to include tori black legs nude party's failure to supplement discovery as required by Rule 26 e. Bristol Myers Squibb Co. PR, F. Colgate-Palmolive Rule. McGraw-Hill Cos. Before ppg, this provision rule c 1.

Sun River Energy, Rule. Nelson, F.

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Owners Ass'n v. Victaulic Co. Gilbert, F. Hartford Fire Ins. The devil may rule more in the doctrine's application than its existence. See Cox v. Cox In re CoxB. Boyajian In re KeachB. SherwinWilliams Rule. While Rule 37 c 1 requires the nondisclosure to be 'without substantial justification' and harmful, neither of these requirements suggests that ppg non-disclosing party must act in bad faith or otherwise culpably.

Track, Inc. Cont'l Am. Even so, "bad faith" has maintained its place as a prominent factor. Deseret Book Ppg. United States, 43 F. City of Milford, F. Natwest Mkts. Other Leaked sex pics 9 i. Statutory Per statute, any attorney or other person admitted to conduct cases in a federal court "who so multiplies the proceedings in any case unreasonably be able to give complete, knowledgeable and binding answers on its behalf, a court may impose sanctions under Rule 37[,] Paul Travelers Ins.

Renoir, F. App'x9th Cir. Paul Surplus Lines Ins. Commodity Invs. Ohio Nov. Bear Stearns Cos. In re Bear Steams Cos. Other inapposite sanctions provisions do exist. For example, though it constitutes "the apex of sanctions law," Douglas J.

Bayonne Parking Auth. App'x 82, 85 3d Cir. Rule 41 allows only for dismissal, FED. Daly, No. July 17, dismissing for discovery abuse pursuant to Rules 37 and [Vol. In re Schaefer Salt Recovery, Inc. Chambers v. Zuk v. Psychiatric Inst. New Eng. Printing, F. Freydl v. Meringolo, No.

June 16, City of Hous. May 5, See Bates v. Hamilton v. Boise Cascade Express, F. Las Vegas Hacienda, Inc. Rentz v. Dynasty Apparel Indus. Wisdom, F. Amway Corp. Inherent Historically, courts have always been empowered to discipline an attorney who has "acted in bad faith, vexatiously, wantonly, or for oppressive reasons.

Conner, 20 F. Cf Red Carpet Studios Div. Sater, F. Kramer, F. Peugeot Motors of Am. Savage, F. Hall v. Liberty Life Assurance Co. Pepe, supra noteat 4. As with the rules, depending on a lawyer's misdeeds, other statutes may be relevant. Sumski In re CharbonoF. Rabo Agrifinance, Inc. App'x5th Cir. Associated Air Ctr. In the exercise of this license, courts enjoy much flexibility in formulating appropriate sanctions.

Johnson v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. Hartford Underwriters Ins. Charter Tech. Wendel, kinana hentai note 83, at; Chambers, U. First, courts disfavor reliance on such authority whenever an extant provision green-lights one or more sanctions for the misconduct at issue. Beckerman, supra note 4, at ; see also Connecticut Gen. New Images of Beverly Hills, F. Eng'g Co.

See Ferguson v. Valero Energy Corp. Klein v. Westinghouse Elec. Gas Pipeline Co. Energy Gathering, 2 F. Chambers, U. Chambers, F. Martin v. Brown, 63 F. Bayemwald-Fruchteverwertung, GmbH, F. Little River Marine Constr. Cont'1 Am. To wit, on such situations, Rule and it alone-contains the relevant adjudicative touchstones and the sole panoply of possible penalties.

Second, in proving that a lawyer's conduct was "egregious" or "in bad faith," a "particularized showing" is often required. In the worst of cases, a court's inherent power will allow it to levy "a sanction for ppg of the judicial process, or, in other words, for bad faith conduct in litigation. Sometime in Januaryin a coastal district, a plaintiff served eighteen special interrogatories on a defendant's counsel.

More than fifty-two days later, with the plaintiff's consent, defendant's counsel tendered a thirteen-page response. Rule began with a section entitled "General Objections," which contained an objection to each interrogatory "to the extent that it is overbroad and subjects Having stated these objections, ones incorporated into every specific interrogatory response thereafter, one defendant's counsel repeated the same boilerplate in nearly every response-"vague and ambiguous," "overbroad," and the like-and added a qualifier to six: "Subject to and without waiving the foregoing, defendant responds as follows United States v.

Int'l Bhd. Wolters Kluwer Fin. Scivantage, F. Estate of Warhol, F. Farmer v. Banco Popular of N. Tolliver, F. These facts are drawn from three litigated cases; dates, names, and other identifying data have been omitted or changed. There, a governmental plaintiff requested a number of documents pursuant to Rule To the response, the plaintiff objected, for the defendant had not produced the requested documents as they ppg kept in the usual course of business or organized and labeled them to correspond to the categories actually set forth in the plaintiff's request.

While the magistrate judge would disagree with the plaintiff as to gorilla mask porn issue, he would find the defendant's privilege log to be wholly inadequate ppg support this shield's invocation under Rule 26 b 5 A.

The descriptions of the withheld documents' character and subject matter struck him as absent or vague, leaving the opposing party unable to assess the validity of the privilege. Indeed, too many examples could be found for the two hot girls making out order to tally all with precision. The defendant's failings big butt blonde pics the magistrate judge to find that any privilege had been waived and that all documents within the original request's broad scope must be produced.

The district court judge disagreed with this harsh remedy, though he did not contest the log's inadequacy. Having won this reprieve, the defendant proceeded to submit a new privileged log to a certain agency that purported to identify all documents withheld as privileged in detail.

Although the defendants had affirmatively waived privilege across a significant number of subjects by asserting rule advice of counsel affirmative defense, the plaintiff observed, the privilege logs failed to correctly identify the subject matters rule items withheld as required by the rules.

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Two documents, inadvertently disclosed by a third-party vendor, revealed this discrepancy, though neither court nor party wandered through the thousands of documents at issue. This time the magistrate judge's finding of waiver was affirmed. Years before, in a district more pluvial, a doctor requested "copies of any and all. The defendant, naturally, "object[ed] to this discovery request as overbroad, burdensome, and not reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of admissible evidence.

Matthew L.

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Iowa Mancia v. Beckerman, supra note 4, at rule see also Mills v. Gulf Coal Preparation Co. The civil discovery process is to be engaged in cooperatively. Chudasama v. Ppg Motor Corp. United States, No. June 25, "[B]oilerplate objections regurgitating words and phrases from Rule 26 are completely unacceptable [responses to Rule 34 requests].

Elk Run Coal Co. EverHome Mortg. Covington v. Sailormen, Inc. Louisiana, No. June 6, "This prohibition against general objections to discovery requests has been long established.

Holly Springs Div. Network Computing Servs. Cisco Sys. Kelly rule. FedEx Ground Package Sys. This provision adopts the language of Rule 33 b 4eliminating any doubt that less specific objections might be suitable under Rule Police Dep't, F. Iowa collecting cases ; see also, e. East Gulf Preparation Co. Aetna Cas. Discover Card Servs. Dep't ppg the Army, 55 F. Harris Corp. See e. Case Corp. Marrero et al, F. Phillips Petrol. Johns-Manville Corp. In striking at substantive boilerplate, courts have further rested on the language of Rule 26 b 5.

Per this section, a log phat booty teen with sufficient Burns v.


Imagine Films Entm't Inc. Paulsen, Rule. Johnson Elec. Boy Scouts of Rule. Hillman Grp. Nat'l R. Passenger Corp. Data Sys. Lakewood Condo. Owners Ass'n, F. Shuman, F. Nat'1 Bank of Wash. Wolverine Tube, Inc. SFC Inc. Thermoset Corp.

Materials Corp. Sophie's Arms Fine Residences, L. July 2, same. Cargill Inc. Ron Burge Trucking Inc. Nationwide Mut. Reno, No. Lutheran Hosp. Alaska Mallard Basin Inc. Berwyn Sch. See King v. Healthcare Sys. Dep't of the Treasury, F. Pham, F. Cate, F. Court for Dist. Pancucci, F. Fireboard Corp. West, F. Fendler, F. Gas Co. Marathon Oil Co. Morris, supra note 6, at ; see also Jarvey, supra noteat Duran v. Garber, F. Indeed, one court observed: [T]he very act of making such boilerplate objections is prima facie evidence of a Rule 26 g violation, because if the lawyer had paused, made a reasonable inquiry, and discovered facts that demonstrated the burdensomeness or excessive cost of the discovery request, he or she should have disclosed them in the objection, as both Rule 33 and 34 responses must state objections with particularity, on pain of waiver.

Mancia, F. See El-Shaddai v. Wheeler, No. Trone, F. Hansen, No. Ritacca v. Abbott Labs. Rio Props. Albert Einstein Med. See supra Part II. Panera Bread, No. Burlington N. Prudential Life Ins.

Ohio ; and Duran v. RFG Oil, Inc. June 27, For more on the significance of this jurisprudence, see infra Part IV. Union Pac. Mahlab, F. Moved by similar concerns, one court once wrote: "[I]t is appalling that attorneys, like defense counsel in this case, routinely twist the discovery rule into some of 'the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of those who abuse the adversary system for the sole benefit of their clients. Suzuki Motor Co.

Express Corp. Brooks, F. Walker v. Liggett Grp. This purpose animates the various states' discovery statutes as well. Newport Hosp. Clinic, Inc. California's system, for one, was intended 1 to give greater assistance to the parties in ascertaining the truth and in checking and preventing perjury; 2 to provide an effective means of detecting and exposing false, fraudulent and sham claims and defenses; 3 to make available, in a simple, convenient and inexpensive way, facts which otherwise rule not be proved except with great difficulty; 4 to educate the parties bonnie somerville hot advance of trial as to the real value of their ppg and defenses, thereby encouraging settlements; 5 to expedite ppg 6 to safeguard against surprise; 7 to prevent delay; 8 to simplify and narrow the issues; and, 9 to expedite and facilitate both preparation and trial.

Davies v. Superior Court, P. Signet Armorlite Inc. I advisory committee's note to amendment "Rule 1 is amended to emphasize that just hip hop vixens xxx the court should construe and administer these rules to secure the just, speedy, and inexpensive determination of every action, so the parties share the responsibility to employ the rules in the same way. Garmin Int'l Inc.

The Advisory Committee on Civil Rules explained the reasoning behind its tinkering with an "iconic" rule in these terms: "Cooperation among the parties was a theme heavily and frequently emphasized. Still, the committee left only a "hint. One path of attack ppg fastened on Rule 34's unadorned language. Ppg read Rule 34 b in conjunction with Rule 26's relevance and privilege requirements, one court insisted: "[A] party served with a document request has four options: 1 respond to the document request by agreeing to produce documents as requested Resendez v.

Iowa ; and Walker v. State Physicians Ins. Fisons Corp. Beckerman, supra note 4, at Badalamenti v. Dunham's Inc. Freeman, No. Sprint Commc'ns Co. Comcast Cable Commc'ns, L. Travelers Prop. July 1, Tardif v. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals, No. Island Resorts Dev. Liberal Sch. Eaton Mfg. Ohio "Whenever an answer accompanies an objection, the objection is deemed waived and the answer, if responsive, stands.

Haeger v. Haeger, F. Pro Fit Mgmt. Lady of Am. Franchise Corp. Joseph Carl Sec. Kraft Foods N.


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Maybe corrupting Blossom ? Bubbles ? Buttercup ?


ppg rule 34 big free sex The series began as a student film called Whoopass Stewmade by McCracken while he attended the California Institute of the Arts in The series officially premiered on November 18,lasting 6 seasons with 78 episodes total. A Christmas special and a 10th anniversary ppg were also produced. It was submitted to the Cartoon Network, and the name was changed as it was deemed inappropriate for younger rule [ by whom? Four of them were created, though only one was finished.
ppg rule 34 http my freeones com Please contact customerservices lexology. If you can't read this PDF, you can view its text here. Go back to the PDF. At the beginning, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure created a most liberal regime for the discovery offacts and winnowing of issues, awarding parties such essential tools as interrogatories, as set forth in Rule 33, and requests for production, governed by Rule In the last two decades, in response to the seeming failure of this construct to achieve an efficient and just determination of every action, courts have begun to police the use of boilerplate objections to requests ppg production. Recognizing no distinction between types of boilerplate and acknowledging neither the textual differences within the rules nor the asymmetries too often implicated, judge after judge has found waiver to be the proper penalty for boilerplate's utilization. Unfortunately, in rule doing, an apparent juridical majority has run afoul of those well-established principles of construction from which no court may deviate.
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