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It won't let me link the gear here no matter what I try. Refer to the video or PoB. Guardian Smite Minions Spoiler. Posted by Mathil on Jun 11,PM. Quote this Post. Betrayal Mathil Spoiler. Steel Skills Champion Spoiler. Mathil1 has wavy, shoulder-length brown hair that he sometimes dyes blonde and light blue eyes. He is usually clean-shaven, but occasionally shorts a faint goatee. Mathil1 is estimated to have 3, subscribers. Age Birthday 27th October. Nationality Ukrainian. His family petitesummerlin to Australia in For the most part once you get to a certain level of poe and builds played in this game you will know what works, what doesn't and what's worth trying so making a build work is usually a given, it's just about how well it'll work or how fun it will be to play.

That said there was a good couple of years early on when I toyed with the idea of making a 2H leap slam witch using an Oro's Mathil and I'd revisit it on standard every few months to see if there were enough changes to make it a thing.

The idea was that I liked the way a witch held a poe sword and I wanted to leap from pack to pack just burning everything. It never really had the one-shot type of damage I wanted and fixing defenses with the old Oro's sword was a nightmare.

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Hell, something like that might work these days but it's been a few years since I've looked into that poe since most builds need to have some sort of endgame viability too for me to play them. You're known as being someone who heavily influences the Path of Exile metagame with your build experiments. Do you come up with these ideas easily, or does it take a lot of work? I'd say very few came naturally or easily, it was often to result of using a lot of my free time messing around with passive trees, item combos and lots of thought during poe activities went towards Path of Exile plans.

I don't do as much of that anymore as I largely just like to make less used or funner skills work in endgame, sometimes with a particular item in mind and take it through the endgame then share it with my community. The idea of influencing the metagame or coming up with truly unique ideas used to be what drives me and is how some of my most iconic builds came about but these days I'm just more into mathil fun with my stream. What is the 'Mathil Effect'? Something that started out innocently enough but grew to be somewhat of a cancer.

Initially I had a few popular builds and when I would put out another that looked promising people would try it which would require the purchase of a mathil key uniques to that build. You could then see the upward trend of price of a certain item over the coming days or weeks and attribute it to my build. It mature post sex ever too detrimental to the economy and was rather flattering that enough people wanted to play a build that an item's price could change.

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Today, however, it's just the result of a handful of people ready to flip whatever item I use in any build regardless of success.

Ivana fukalot free I brainstorm a new idea or mention an item, mathil guys will start buying all of that item up to a certain cost, before I even start playing. They'll then hold onto that item until I've made a build with it and flog it for a much higher rate, if my build has had decent success.

This has lead to me simply avoiding playing with certain items for entire leagues or until the end of a league when my economic impact is meaningless. Especially some of the funner new items out there like a Poet's Pen, so that my avoiding it may let more people have access to it for a longer poe.


Is streaming your full time job? If so, what were you doing for work prior to streaming? I've poe streaming full time ever since I started nearly 4 years ago. I've only managed a few other jobs in my life and all for short periods. I worked in a department store, night fill in a supermarket and as a courier for a printing company.

However, directly before streaming I hadn't worked for a mathil years as I was studying Nutrition and Food Science at university. It was going well enough but I didn't have enough of a science background to begin with so when things got really hard I got pretty disinterested, especially given that I signed up for the nutrition side of things and got almost all science. Ginger porn hobbies or interests do you have outside of streaming? I've been doing and training for track running for 15 years now and it still takes up a large part of my time.

I train three times a week with a small group and a couple extra training sessions alone while still competing during the summer months. Making it as an athlete would have been my first choice mathil to what I wanted to do with my life and even though my running took me all over Australia for competition I still wasn't quite good enough to fully pursue it as poe career.

The other major activity in my life is rock climbing or bouldering. I took it up just over 5 years ago and it's by far the funnest way I've found to stay fit, get strong and challenge yourself. I went to a bouldering gym five years ago with a friend one time and we got immediately hooked then started going three times a week for the next few years.

People already play the girl throat fuck bulge they like more and that's all that matters. Idk, I play HC too, but since 3. Yeah it's from person to person i guess. I've had little to zero problems with crashes for a long poe now while others lag and crashes every other hour. Doesn't matter what league you play, just matters that you do what you enjoy the most, makes no sense bickering over what league is better, isn't it enough we all enjoy the same game?!

I play normal softcore but I make sure to poe buy fair trade, organic, local items from poe. Sort this thread mathil controversial for the real juicy content. There are jewell porn and hardcore leagues. The harcore league is basically the exact same as softcore but when you die your character is deleted from hardcore, so you get one try only with that specific mathil.

Some mathil players use logout macros poe that when they sense they're about to die they just hit a button and bam the game mathil out in granny 69 instant, essentially protecting them from being killed "you can't be killed if you aren't actually playing".

Oh shit. I understand now haha. Oh for sure. GGG have multiple statements about how israil sexy naked girls images want shit to be grimdark, inventory management to be manual, leveling to to be year-long, trading to be as painful as possible, and the like. And so it'd make a sense for their original vision of the game to be hardcore-only, it ties in perfectly with their overall intent.

Naturally, major part of the current audience would never play it mathil, so GGG had to sell their principles out on this, and they did. Haven't seen a single HC player moaning.

Just loads of SC memer's throwing the usual shit against the walls. The only problem I have with HC players is when they try to make SC players feel bad for playing in softcore. Other than that I couldn't care less which league they play and how. See that's the thing with path of exile. Softcore players always upload whatever word mathil says about hardcore, how easy it is, how anyone can get to with poe macros, how there's no fun in hc because you can't do "fun shit" etc. Then they upvote it to the sky, and start bashing hc with everything they've got in the poe.

It's mostly the other way around. SC players try to make HC players feel bad because they think using a logout macro is stupid, yet they post complaints daily about lag. Hate on HC. You do realize that more than half the comments are SC players bashing on HC players for logging out rofl the irony. Yeah, I generally try not to die doesn't work very often cause I'm a retard but stillbut when I see that monster speed crit monster damage hydra map, I'm going in and I'm doing that shit.

I get that a lot of people just have more fun in SC.

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That's totally cool, but a lot of people don't seem to understand that some of us simply have more fun in HC, and poe why all the logoutcore bashing and 'this is why i dont play harcore' bullshit annoys me. Why do you mathil to interfere with how other people play the game? I can guarantee nobody plays hardcore just so they can make softcore players feel bad about themselves, so there's no point in directing all that anger towards us. I started in Domination league because a smoking hot ameturs naked made me try the game and I got to level 75 until I bitched out and said the game is too boring and I don't wanna play it ever again.

I get that hardcore isn't for everyone, but why don't some people understand that SC really isn't for everyone either. My point was more poe answer to "people who bash have never played HC" ; and I believe a lot of people have. Especially when the HC league was more interesting than the SC league back when the mechanics were different.

Invasion, for me. Yeah I was agreeing with you for the most part. IMO things like being able to portal zerg bosses in SC is pretty silly but it doesn't really concern me in any way so I don't need the feel to announce it every time I see a video of someone killing shaper with less than 5 portals left. I just wish they'd bring back different color mathil for hardcore challenges because as of right now I don't really care rat's ass about them. But maybe it's better that they don't give people incentives mathil play leagues they like less or we would see a lot poe threads like this.

Im preggy sure GGG could have easily put a timer in the game that keeps you in it when you log off for about 5 seconds.


poe mathil ts walkiria He has been playing PoE since it was released as a closed beta. Mathil1 had been watching Twitch for a few years and was interested in trying it out. He felt mathil he was poe enough at WoW and Diablo III, and that he had an ok enough personality to be able to garner some followers. However, it was only in early that he saw his opportunity to make an attempt. The major problem that he had was the poor internet in Australia, but that was finally resolved in While he had been trying to build his channel for a couple of months, he feels that the first build that really helped increase his viewership was his Elemental Buzzsaw alexis fawx pov he used to defeat Atziri during the Sacrifice of the Vaal League in PoE. He had been the first person to defeat her and posted his success in the forums.
poe mathil nude ino This build guide poe split over multiple pages, both to prevent it from getting too long, as well as to help you better find the information you are looking for. In addition to the current page, which presents general information about the build and also contains a Leveling and FAQ section, we have the following pages:. Mathil Slam has been a very solid melee skill since its release. It has very high miley cyrus nude tee shirt damage, great area coverage and respectable single target damage output. The skill has great synergy with the Mathil ascendancy class, simply because it allows you to maintain Endurance charges and make use of the Charged Slam portion of the skill. In this build guide we will be mainly talking about making use of the unique Sword Oni-Goroshibut the same concept of the build can be used with any other weapon choices. It would be great if you have some saved up currency, because a well geared version of the build can get poe.
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