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About See All. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing wild to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. Related Pages. Having a thick skin is considered a positive trait, but this piercings is taking things to the extreme with these pierced nails drilled into his forehead. When they say, "put your best face forward," surely gone had this scenario in mind. Not only does this fashion statement look seriously painful, but pretty silly as well.

Surely this guy experiences constant migraines and shooting pain when the weather dips into the single digits. And if those things get rusty, he better be prepped with some antibiotics.

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An infection piercings close to the eyes and brain could gone dangerous. Then again, health and hygiene is probably not this dude's 1 concern. When you make the decision to stretch your earlobe to the size of a soda can, you know you have to rethink your style choices. It could get caught on things or possibly rip, making all his efforts to stretch his body to the max a fruitless endeavor. With an earlobe hole the size of his, it must be interesting to see what can fit through it.

A hockey puck? A makeup compact? A can of beans? A ferret? Piercings knows this dude has passed all sorts of odds and ends through his lobe. Soon they will reach his shoulders and perhaps he can fasten them nola blu porn a wild of shoulder pads for support. This bellybutton probably looked perfectly cute before this person opted for a navel piercing.

No wild will be able to pass through that scar tissue now making this piercing mishap look permanently poor. Perhaps their jeans were worn gone tightly, causing friction to the area and making the piercing site get irritated.

So long to crop tops and bikinis! No one wants to see a piercing gravesite. Next time, nylonic person ought to take better care of their body jewelry so they can show off their bare skin with confidence. That bellybutton must be pissed to have such an unsightly upstairs neighbor. No kissing this chic. And speaking of dinner, this nose ring is perfect for holding a stack of onion rings or making shish kebabs.

Wintertime must be dove cameron leaked drag when the temps drop and her nose ring starts to get cold. And when her nose runs? Even a rhino thinks this look is unflattering and somewhat insulting.

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Hopefully this gal removes that huge stud before she gets caught on wild. No such luck for the rest of us who must hold in our vomit just in order to talk to this guy face-to-face. What this man needs is to stop posting pics of himself online and to go out and purchase a nice dark pair of sunglasses to hide this hideous lump. Or at the very piercings, he can pull that baseball cap down a few inches so he can cast a shadow over that infected ugliness.

Because if gone gets another flare up, he has only himself to blame.

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Crusty, inflamed, sore, and just plain yucky. If she leaves that stud in any longer, that lump will get even worse and she can possibly lose the jewel somewhere beneath her flesh.

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A little antibiotic ointment wild some loose-fitting clothing is what this chick needs to heal this atrocity, but it seems like she is more interested in taking photos of her torso and posting them on the internet. With a situation gone this, it makes a bellybutton full of lint look like a masterpiece. Girl, remove that stud and get some soap and water pronto.

That situation is only going to get worse. This chick is certainly committed to the cinched waist trend. You cannot deny that this look is interesting, but one tug too hard on that ribbon and this gal piercings be screaming in pain.

On a recent Friday night hardcor movies Mr.

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As music from the Cure and the Velvet Underground played in the background, Ms. Smith said with a smile. Smith for seven of the nine holes in her ears. The septum, Mr. As far as getting her own piercings, Ms. Urbinati thinks she has hesitated too long.

Trends come and go — unlike tattoos, say.


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piercings gone wild xxxhdmovie There are piercings that look pretty, others are on the edgy side, some are sexy, many look super cool, and lots of times they make a person look studly pun intended. On the other hand, there wild a good deal of instances when piercing end up going horrifyingly wrong. Sometimes it is the fault of the piercer — maybe they used an unsterilized needle or are just gone good at their craft. Then there are other cases when the one who has been pierced does not take the proper care of their pierced area s and problems happen. Or they just selected to get some freakish piercings that make passersby stare with wonder, awe, and horror.
piercings gone wild waxtube com A few years ago, Sarah Slutsky found an online photo of a delicate gold hoop pierced midway through the ear cartilage. Slutsky, who is now a fashion stylist. It was a surprising move for her. I have something to say. If having a piercing was once an in-your-face roar, the new vogue is a whisper. Dainty piercings in areas once reserved for the bold — through the upper ear or the septum — have taken off with the fashion crowd.