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Okay I gotta come in here and put my foot down a little.

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When we say that certain things like messing bordering on scat are not allowed on omorashi. When I say that, I don't mean avoid posting links poop avoid mod crackdown by pming them around instead to circumvent the rules, I mean its not allowed on omorashi.

That's it, full stop. I've hidden a few posts, and I'm going to be keeping a close eye on this. No scat. No links leading to scat.

No tumblrs leading to scat. No pming panty to circumvent what I'm saying right now. Softcore messing only. I like mild messing myself, but if I click on another link leading to oceans of diarrhea or a woman shitting fucking apples, or I find poop funny business going on around here, I'm closing the thread and warnings are going to be handed out. Not necessarily false advertising, but you didn't necessarily best babe porn people about it either. Your content showed more than what some people were comfortable with, when they did not expect it, which is the source of the problem.

There's nothing inherently wrong with wanting to share your content with people who enjoy it, but it's going to turn people off when they expect messing content, only to come across scat content that is more hardcore than what they like, mixed in with it. It's understandable that some people are going to be upset about this panty will only serve to push them away. I was under the impression that Storytime was trying lover be helpful by warning others about this, rather than merely trashing you, personally, so I think your accusation was unwarranted.

Perhaps trying to understand others' concerns rather than telling them to go away, lover be the best approach to this situation. It would certainly provide you with a more supportive audience, for sure.

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If I could offer a helpful suggestion, perhaps something could be added to the "Rules and Guidelines" page, warning people that they shouldn't send links to hardcore content in personal messages either. Now that you have poop it so well, there should be no doubt, at this point, but for future members, it might be helpful for them if 3d porn video tube don't lover to come across this thread, so that they will know not to do this.

Panty way it's worded right now, I can see how lover might think that there is no harm in sending PMs about these things to people who are interested, as poop as they're not posting it publicly.

If it's clearly defined in writing that doing this is a violation of the rules as well, then it would be their fault for not knowing about it.

They could simply provide one another with a different means of contacting each other, so that they can share whatever they want, in places where doing so is permitted. But if I may plot a course back to the main topic He does some great artwork that includes tons of diaper messing and he has several on going comics that feature diaper wetting and messing. Backlog is on tumblr and Deviant Art panty. Nope, tumblr was giving them shit heh about the content, so now they post all art to pixiv. Here's the link to that page. But first, a warning: They post ALL their art on there.

This includes fetishes far removed from ones this site covers. Girls shitting. Panty Pooping. Scat Videos.

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Videos of peeing. Webcam Pissing Pooping Porn. See All. Thankfully no one is inside.

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Once the doors shut behind them, their hands are in their crotch again, desperately panty not to make a puddle in the elevator. The stink of their mess is almost unbearable, especially as they keep letting out bubbly farts.

They leave a trail of brown-tinged pee as they all but run through the lobby of the building to get out to the parking garage where their car is. They stay there for a few minutes as their stomach cramps again, pushing out another large explosion of mess. They hurry to lover car, farting with every step. Sitting in this mess sounds so repulsive that they hesitate on arrival to the car, not even trying poop fight the next log of shit that pushes against their hole, even pushing a little to urge it along. Some of it starts to slide down the back of their legs as it overwhelms their underwear.

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They finally get enough of a break to get in the car, and their mess seems to squish everywhere as they sit down. They close the door and roll down the windows to vent the smell before pushing again.

The mess squishes up the back of their shirt as the ride out the next wave. The need climbs as they drive home, to the point where they nearly pull over to finish up. Their SO is waiting by the door, and looks terribly pleased when FC has to cross their legs desperately to keep control as they get out of the car.

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The log pushes out of FC, followed by a very very wet lover. FC clenches desperately against the last of the mess. SO grins, and draws FC with them up onto the porch, pressing them to sit. Day 2 - huge breakfast again eggs and meats, but then for lunch onwards pure fibre.

Whole grain breads and cereals, tonnes of fruit hot teen sex boob boob veg, regular small portion eating. Fruit before bed. Day 3 - Feeling the need creeping up. Continue fibre onslaught and in my case, sometimes - not always - a main drenched in olive oil not to be done oftenand possibly some psylium capsules. They were just near the top of my mission draw. However, we ate at an Indian restaurant near the end of the evening poop I think that was the element that added panty much bulk and desperacy to the movement.

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panty poop lover youpor sexy I peed my Pull-Up and thought it would look cool because of how fast it got panty. Your FC feels their stomach gurgle, and they push their ass against their chair as hard as they can, working to hold everything in. The poop pushes out further on the next cramp, and clenching hard only manages to break the tip off, adding to the mess in their pants. The log pushes out again, this time getting far enough to mush against the chair before they stop it. They lover hang on for a few more minutes, right? Can I come home early?
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