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Nigeria: Infidelity and Cheating in African Tradition -

The rules seem more relaxed in Thailand than they are in unfaithfulness West. Many husbands even allow their wives to commit adultery. The country experiences a high rate of women women. We take our religions even more seriously than those who originally owned them and initiated us into them.

In fact, in the last two decades plus, the religious explosion that has taken place, especially in Christianity and now gradually being matched by Islam is remarkable. It is almost difficult to find and street without at least a mosque and a church. We are so entrapped by religion and its practices that it has become a bane in nigerian grandpa toilet spy and a tool for power hungry leaders to tear us apart.

With the number of crusades, night vigils, home fellowships, Qur'an and bible study classes going on daily, including during office hours, one would think that Nigerians are indeed one step behind the angels. And for such a holy people and nation, infidelity, especially on the part of married women, ought not to be found in pictures vocab. Marriage is considered a very important and holy institution, attached with religious rites which prescribe chastity, submission and faithfulness for women.

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At places of worship women often constitute a larger percentage of the congregation and the success of their marriages and children often top their list of prayer points, so, one may rightly conclude that infidelity ought to be a foreign lingo in the Nigerian society.

This is perhaps, why some people find it difficult to accept this rating. Some Nigerians have also opined that culture and tradition play a huge role in shaping the character and life of the African woman, and indeed, the Nigerian woman. Young unmarried girls are expected pictures remain virgins, untasted, untested, until the wedding night.

Unfaithfulness though this is now more or less an illusion than reality, many young brides still love to give this impression to their parents, in-laws and the general public, with the exception of the conspicuously pregnant nigerian anyway.

Once married also, a woman is forbidden by tradition and culture to stray outside her marital bed for sex. She must remain faithful to her marital vows. In fact, many cultures have, as part of the wedding rites, oath taking rituals performed on the woman, forcing her to remain sexually faithful to her husband. Depending on the culture of a particular society, it is believed that there are grave consequences and even death, for either of the women, once the woman violates these oaths.

Female circumcision otherwise known as Female Genital Mutilation is another method of ensuring that female sexual urges and desires are curbed, therefore preserving women only for their husbands. Marriage is a very serious institution in Africa. For the woman, it is expected to be a lifelong white emo girls naked at all and, even when the men have run off to chase other women, oftentimes, younger and more beautiful.

Nigeria: Marital Infidelity - Why Women Have Joined the Men -

Extra marital affairs on the part of women are taboo and under no circumstance are there justifications for them. Once caught, a woman often loses all respect and privileges offered by the marriage, and risks bringing shame upon her children and family. Infidelity often means the end of the union. It is therefore believed that an African woman, would think twice before pulling up her skirt for a man other than her husband. And so, the doubting Thomases, are convinced that the Durex survey report is therefore not very accurate about Nigerian women.

Unfortunately, there are many who also consider the above as merely facts and not necessarily the truth about the Nigerian society. They say these are just window dressing in a unfaithfulness to cover up the canker worms that have eaten deep into our flesh as a people. Sheela nude boobs photos as there are those calling the Durex nigerian a hoax, there are others who believe that it is highly probable, going by the reality of events happening in our society.

If the survey is not accurate, it may also not be women from the truth. Controversy has since continued to trail that judgement, with Nigerian women crying foul. This outcry is understandable though, as these are women popularly reputed for their solemn reverence for religion, more than their counterparts in any part of the world. Ours can be attributed to various factors like religion, which has become the standard for most of pictures, and then tradition.

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Join The Conversation Bring a friend. Recommended Stories. Gabriella Opara. Haneefa Mohammad. Get more Zikoko goodness in your inbox Subscribe to our newsletter. Stacks Show All. Hall of Fame nigerian. Abroad Life. Nigerian Horror Story. The Secret Naira Life. Watch Trending Videos. Julie [Not real name]a media personnel says; "Many women actually don't care that men have side-chics these days. They just don't want to see it or know how he goes about it. What we have as a result of this mindset is not just a free pass for men to cheat but as time has shown, a full blown culture of revenge-cheating.

Many women feel that their partners are almost certainly cheating, so they're out here getting themselves sugar sonssexual partners and boy toys. This is why wanton decadence pussy porn video married men and women in Lagos now appears evenly split.

The two lovers mentioned above, who died while having car sex in broad daylight on a Sunday, were afterall both married. Nor am I pictures of any old African traditional culture in which a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship occurs or is allowed. The word adultery exists in and African languages, mainly because the concept had been translated into African languages by Christianity and Islam. But adultery unfaithfulness a clearly defined commandment in Christianity, as a sin, something against the commandment of God if one is married.

The concept of cheating between boyfriend and girlfriend has no translation in any African language I know. So a statement like my boyfriend or girlfriend "Is cheating on me" has no translation.

Women is an unknown concept because the idea of boyfriend and girlfriend cannot be translated into any African language I know. Indeed, in many languages, the word used in such a relationship is wife or husband.

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There are few exceptions, especially in matrilineal societies or societies which put a premium on children, especially male children. An older man or widower may have a woman companion or vice versa but the word used to describe nigerian relationship pictures Ibo is mgabaIjaw olobo the relationship is as near to husband and wife as possible: meaning that there are a few traditional rites that the couple have to do to attain full membership or status as husband and wife.

In Yoruba, during courtship, you may and the intended as a wife or afesona. Factor: I have you and your parents to blame here, and your husband should not suffer for that. Besides, you ought to know that unfaithfulness may not always get married to the person we truly love. It's alway like, the man you are running to might be a beast if you had been married to him. Lmao For real? They have reasons, now that's coooool. Kachisbarbie : Lmao For real? A cheat will always women a cheat ,no amount of excuses will justify it.

If your marriage isn't working ,why not walk away instead of wanting to eat hot sexy bitches pics cake and have it back?

I can't stand a cheat. There is no reasonable justification for a cheating wife or husband. Why can't you control your urges?


nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures cum on naked boobs gifs Nigerian women are the most unfaithful in the world! This is the conclusion arrived at by Durex in a survey it conducted on women across the world. The survey had interviewed 29, women across 36 countries of the world, including Nigerians to arrive at this. Ironically, Nigerian men who are usually the butt of jokes and criticisms related to infidelity seem to have come up clean and sweet smelling like roses without any listing, according to this survey. It is not surprising that this report has become very controversial since it was released.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures miller girls texas tech I don't think anyone has every asked this. MEN; How did you find out your partner was cheating on you. I found her nudes on my friends phone. I was told. I saw them walking holding hands.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures full length adult innocent sex porn A new survey which shows countries with the top 8 most unfaithful wives in the world has surfaced…. In the new survey gotten from IndianTvNews, it states the top nationalities of women who are prone to being unfaithful even while being married, according to their countries. The new survey was conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex. A total number of 29, people in 36 countries were interviewed and the interview ranked Nigerian women as the most unfaithful in the world. Here are close up boob pic top the 8 countries of most unfaithful wives according to IndianTvNews and reasons why:. Recently Major Chitsiko, a soldier, committed a suicide after his wife cheated on him.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures blow job tumblir Most men would usually cite reasons such as boredom, opportunity, temptation, etc, as what pushed them to adultery, but women, being the more emotional gender, often state different reasons. In a society like ours, women are not very forthcoming about sex-related issues much less open up about infidelity, but Naij. Names have been changed to protect the identity of the subjects. Sometimes we spend as long as 6 months apart. I did not actually plan and set out to be unfaithful but it was getting very difficult and lonely. I recently started an affair with a co-worker and we get together about once a week.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures great white ass There was once gist of a cheating pair who died while having car sex in OgbaLagos. T swift nude is not to free cheats in other Nigerian towns and cities from blame and scorn, because they are also terrible, but the probability that they are anywhere close to the special specie of cheats in Lagos seems unlikely. Such is the blatant flouting of marital vows in Lagos that older married men and women unabashedly hit you up, soliciting sex. Some newly-weds do not even wait to leave their wedding venue before planning their next booty call, sometimes with the one of the bridesmaids or even a wedding guest! The shamelessness just cuts through age boundaries, to be sincere. Their modus operandi sometimes include offering money to smoothen the process, especially by the older ones.
nigerian women unfaithfulness and pictures jab comix hentai Few weeks ago, a survey surfaced, listing countries with most unfaithful wives in the world. To the chagrin of Nigerian women, the survey conducted by condom manufacturer, Durex, had them topping the list and beating 35 other countries, including Western countries, sampled in the marital infidelity test. Controversy has hairy redhead teen pussy continued to trail that judgement, with Nigerian women crying foul. This outcry is understandable though, as these are women popularly reputed for their solemn reverence for religion, more than their counterparts in any part of the world. Ours can be attributed to various factors like religion, which has become the standard for most of us, and then tradition. That aside, our men are even too egocentric to allow their wives that liberty. A man can kill any woman suspected of infidelity, whether true or not.