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Cats: Anal Sperm. Models Ashley Sinclair. Cats: Asian Chinese. Niches 69 Asian Ass. Don't tell me you are not going to because of some other excuse. If Goodreads thinks my comments mollyflwer fine and you don't like it, don't come on Goodreads and don't comment on my review. All future comments will be deleted and not entertained. Again again again, this has nothing to do with your 'opinion'.

You're just not very bright, are you? Delete away, but please do leave your review up. The more people see your mollyflwer reactionary accusations, the more foolish you look. Everybody wins! Aug 06, PM. It just reminds me of my school days when I was suffering from undiagnosed dyslexia and my teachers would call me "not very bright" : But I triumphed over it and am now a reader and work in a bookstore! Even if 'plagiarism' is the wrong word to use here, you guys are being incredible jerks about the whole thing.

Back off. How do you know what the author was thinking? Isn't that what you were accusing Molly of? Author mind-reading? I think shameless bullying and name-calling is far worse than a negative review. But that's just me. Maybe your priorities in life are different. Aug 07, AM. Isabeau wrote: "Again mollyflwer again, this has nothing to do with your 'opinion'. The more people see your baseless reactionary a To mollyflwer hurtful and mean? Stick to your issue with the review and not bashing the person writing it. Molly, block and delete anyone who is attacking you because it's not worth arguing with them.

Aug 07, PM. Oh, for heaven's sake. The update below your review is just silly. Aren't you anonymous on here? How would someone get your email address, much less your phone number?

You're clearly trying to deflect attention from the issue and that's of course your right. But your accusations are completely irrational. Given the path you've chosen to go down, in what began as a perfectly reasonable conversation in an open comment space, I will be mollyflwer to withdraw. I thought you were going to delete and 'not entertain' all further comments anyway? I realise my third comment was mean and inflammatory and I do regret it.

I just find grandma in the nude apples with someone who insists on calling them oranges a little frustrating. If you have any advice on what I should do now that would be appreciated.

Molly, I applaud you for being able to stand up to your dyslexia.

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My younger brother was the same growing up, and I saw second hand how hard it was for him to cope with it. You're already doing on better than I am by working in a bookstore! I think we both can agree how easy it is to get riled up quickly over something. After all, we are only mollyflwer, and we're very emotional people, us book folk. I will, however, stand by my own thoughts that you're wrong in saying that the book is plagiarized. Accusing someone of plagiarism is just as harsh as accusing someone of bullying, and I personally don't believe that saying someone plagiarized something is a form of opinion.

However, that belief that I have is merely my opinion, one that, like your opinion in regards to this book, I am entitled to have, and as such, I'm going to leave it at that. What I would like to know and again, this is in the most polite way that I can say over the internetwhat would your thoughts be on this book if you had read it first before John Green? Would you have the same reactions in regards to the storyline? Sicklit, unfortunately, seems to be all mollyflwer around the same similar types of story archetypes, and that's where we get the sense that it's all be done before like many other genres of stories as well.

So don't hate me for asking, but wiping away all the prejudice that you'd mollyflwer formed about the book because of others, what would you're honest opinion on the characters, the plot etc be? I'm genuinely curious. Please don't take it the wrong way. In terms of what now, I think that all of us can put on our big girl panties and just get over it and on with our lives said in the mollyflwer possible way.

I'm sure we've all got better things to do then argue mollyflwer plagiarism and bullying. Leave your review up, take it down, report us all to Goodreads, do what you will. After all, this whole argument is based on 'opinion', and Goodreads is a site full of other people's opinions. Mollyflwer 10, PM. You lesbian dancers be able to express your views about books without feeling threatened.

Nov 13, Mollyflwer. Molly, let's be really clear. Your opinion is that you didn't like the book. You are entirely entitled to that view. You are also entitled to be of the view, at least initially, that the book was plagiarised, and that by publishing it, Text is supporting plagiarism.

But in my opinion, you should also be gracious enough to accept the proffered evidence pointing to the fact that this book was written at around the same time as TFiOS, so therefore was NOT - could not have been - plagiarised. Your refusal to acknowledge that fact is now coming across as belligerent and combative. You speak of emotional and threatening responses to your review, but to quote your own words: "I am so angry. Shame on Text mollyflwer for supporting plagiarism!!! Mollyflwer someone else's story and win mollyflwer national contest?

Um, but NO. Don't support this. Avoid mollyflwer the mollyflwer. To not like it because it's plagiarised is also fine. But when that claim is disproved, you need something more to say about the book than how angry it made you. I'd also encourage you to put yourself in the author's shoes. Imagine what it feels like to write a novel, work on it endlessly, edit it, rewrite it, perfect it, only to have someone falsely accuse you of stealing the whole thing. To an author, that is probably the most personally hurtful thing you can say. Authors deal constantly with negative reviews of their work, and while it stings to read those reviews, they also accept that not everyone will love their work, and that they willingly subject themselves to this simply by sending a manuscript mollyflwer a publisher.

It's part of the deal. After all, as JB Thomas says above, readers should be able to express views without being threatened. I entirely agree. But accusations of plagiarism proven to be false don't count as "views" - they count as defamation. Defamation of a real person who will almost certainly read your review and feel deeply hurt by it. So, to sum up, I feel that the proper thing to do would be mollyflwer amend your review. Don't take it down - your dislike of the book is entirely appropriate while ever it is based on the content, the characters, the structure, the plot.

By all means explain what you didn't like about the book, but do it respectfully and please, stop with mollyflwer bogus and emotionally charged plagiarism claim. It's not true, it's malicious and hurtful. There should be no need for threats, and there should be no need to report the mollyflwer to GoodReads. You should simply do the decent thing and fix it.

Dec 30, AM. Hear hear. Jan 10, Mollyflwer. The author was actually working on this book for years. As for you not liking it well that's entirely up to you and you're entitled to that opinion but maybe mollyflwer bashing it and hating it just because it's TFIOS you should open your eyes and give it a fair go.


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mollyflwer ann margret nude Jul 28, PM. Betts has worked as a teacher in hospital for 8 years. I heard her talk about this book in before the publication of The Fault in our stars so I'm sure it is not plagarised. Jul 30, PM. Thanks for the comment.
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