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Screen cap from the video I took today! It was so hard to get a good view of what I was doing!!

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I Took off my rear shocks, old blocks and u bolts and installed new 3in ones! The mini is sitting pretty now! Little Video I made while doing an oil change on the Hilux! Before and after pics of my truck comming soon!

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minitruckmommy A couple videos of what I did to my truck yesterday! The faces I make are so funny! Still got more to build! Caught me in my natural habitat! There is nothing better than spending my weekends wrenching! Caught doing another brake job! I finally have air tools and an impact to cut my job time in half!

Putting the final minitruckmommy on the Christmas tree! Can you find the 6 little toy cars?! Comment below! The weather is perfect right now here in Cali!

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What is everyone working on this week? Happy humpday everyone!

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Installing my grille and bumper on my baby today! Most are in the capital, St. John's, or along the coast— the interior is hardly habitable. Spend the day on a Seoul adventure with actress Lana Condor lanacondor for TeachMeour new IGTV series where your favorite minitruckmommy learn new things with amazing creators from the Instagram community. Seoul, South Korea 2,Photo by David Guttenfelder dguttenfelder Clothes dry outside the room where we slept in this village along the Minitruckmommy border.

There were no hotels or guesthouses around when we crossed over after dark.

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We were grateful for a generous Kazakh family and their hospitality, warm bedrooms, and breakfast. Iceland 21, Photo by zhuxiao minitruckmommy A long, winding river. Autumn in Russia's magnificent altai region. Maui 65 4,


minitruckmommy teen dp movies Caught doing a tune up on this old pos v10 Ford Truck! I finally got the motivation to diagnose and fix the problems, starting with a tune up! Guys i need help naming this kitten! Comment below what you would name minitruckmommy lil tiger! I honestly hate cats but this little one is starting to grow on me! What minitruckmommy everyone working on? I want to hear about em!
minitruckmommy indian girl sex video mms Photo by ismailferdous Minitruckmommy Island, June We stand in the harbor of Quirpon, the wind whipping our faces. It's ten degrees Celsius, and the fog has just cleared. That's summer in Newfoundland. After two days of driving, seven cups of coffee, three bags of beef jerky, and one hard-brake stop for a family of moose, my colleague and I reached the Newfoundland's northernmost tip.
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