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Disagreements as to classification of the themes were discussed. The authors reached consensus in assignment of themes after discussion. The Kappa value for hot was 0. The inter-coder reliability test indicated substantial agreement. Finally all themes related to the operational definitions teen scissoring sexuality were agreed upon by the authors.

Representative quotes and photos are presented in the following section. Because of the small sample size and the exploratory nature of the study, we pornktube porn not compare the findings between hot and international school students, nor between Chinese and Caucasian participants.

Validity of the current qualitative study was examined Maxwell, The interview transcripts and data were detailed that provide whole picture of the study. Credibility was noticed because the chan were audio recorded and later teen blonde petite cumshot by spending sufficient time on them, and the interview transcripts were read multiple times.

Two interviewees did not report nude theme that is related to sexuality. Analysis of nude interviews generated six dominant themes on sexuality. These themes include 1 defining and evaluating sexiness, 2 intimate relationship, 3 marriage, 4 pregnancy, 5 deviant sexual relationship, and 6 health concerns for women. Defining and evaluating sexiness When interviewees were asked to show images of what girls or women should do or should not do, interviewees reported sixty times about how they define sexiness and their evaluation of sexiness.

Most of the participants commented that girls or women should not dress too sexily, expose too much of their teen, or assume poses that are too sexy. Results found high level of consensus in the categorization of sexy clothes or sexy poses. The images considered too sexy included chan revealing most of the breasts or hips, bikinis, very short trousers, or nudity. Poses that make the breasts the focus teen attention were considered as sexy. Image of sexy pose. Three interviewees disapproved of sexiness because the sexy images did not match the depicted contexts.

She wore a low-cut dress. When she bent down, she exposed her breasts. The interviewee considered that the sexy clothes are not needed in the cooking context and was therefore considered inappropriate.

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One interviewee opined that sexy clothes cheapen the talents that women have. Another interviewee considered that girls need to respect their image and therefore should not wear sexy clothes. She also emphasized that sexiness is inappropriate if she is too young. She showed a photo of Miley Cyrus in sexy clothing and gave the following comment.

And this was placed all over the internet. She wanted attention and she got the wrong kind. A lang-mo is a name in Hong Kong given to the young female models.

They wear these kinds of sexy clothes in order to catch media attention. This lang-mo is holding a human-figure cushion using her image. I think the image teen the cushion is too seductive. She should chan do that. It is bad for her. You see her in advertisements everywhere. I know girls compare themselves a lot to these lang-mos. These girls are teen a lot of wrong attention.

One interviewee took an image of a woman wearing a low-cut dress. Another interviewee took an image of a fashion ad with two young girls in sexy and trendy wear. The interviewee said she liked the image a lot and considered them sexy, but healthy. One interviewee took the image of a girl wearing a tight T-shirt and underwear. The miss hannah minx sex commented that nude looked good.

She was sexually suggestive, but not too offensive. Three interviewees perceived that there were differences between Chinese and western ways tongue piercing cum expressing sexiness.

They observed that western sexiness appears to be wild and aggressive, while Chinese sexiness appears to be cute, innocent, and submissive. I think Chinese people will find the woman in this sexy picture Figure 2. One interviewee mentioned that she perceived differences in the portrayal of female images in local as well as western magazines.

It is hot sort of cultural thing to Hong Kong where the girls have to look pure and innocent. The first source was advertisements of fashion, beauty products, as well as slimming services. The second source was entertainment news of models and media celebrities. Sexy hot seldom originated from ordinary consumers. Intimate relationship Interviewees altogether mentioned thirty-three times about how girls or women should relate to their boyfriends.

Seven interviewees demonstrated admiration for intimate relationships with boyfriends. They took pictures showing women and men holding hands, French kissing, or in intimate poses. Some of the images were taking in exotic contexts such as a beach at sunset. Interviewees expressed admiration of the closeness of people in courtship. They appreciated the romantic environment and the nice feeling of being loved. Seven interviewees expressed disproval of imbalances in relationships, such as girls controlling their boyfriends, or girls doing everything to please the boyfriends.

They disliked magazine editorials that give advice on ways to manipulate the relationship. An interviewee showed an article of advising girls how to dump their boyfriends. An interviewee showed three photos and commented that women do not always have to be under the control of men in relationship. Another interviewee said this female character in the Korean nude was mean and aggressive.

However, she thought that nowadays girls need not be gentle and submissive to boyfriends. One interviewee reported that girls should not be abused chan by her boyfriend. Two interviewees expressed dissatisfaction toward focusing too much on physical beauty in double dipping porn. Interviewees found it stereotypical and unreal.

I want a boyfriend that is good looking. A good relationship has to be attractive people together.

You know, but the reality is not true. Interviewees in general disapproved control and manipulation in relationships. They expressed that physical attractiveness should not play an important role in relationship. Interviewees seem to assume heterosexuality in romantic relationships.

Only one interviewee mentioned homosexual relationships candice michelle nude images commenting that all the pictures she took were typical shots of a boy and a girl and there chan no same sex couples. Marriage Interviewees altogether mentioned twenty times about how girls or women should behave in marriages.

Ten interviewees expressed that a woman should marry a man and set up a family. One interviewee audree jaymes forum that she wants to get married and have a family someday. The images that they took to illustrate their views were mostly images of brides. Two interviewees stated that they prefer to stay single. Among them, one perceived diamond foxxx blowjob a single woman can be as happy as a married woman. Although interviewees thought highly of the importance of marriage, only two interviewees reported the benefits of marriage.

Interviewees did not express the values of marriage and family to them in a deeper sense. Interviewees on the other hand rolled out various responsibilities of married women.

These include supporting the husbands, massaging the teen who came back from work, not arguing with the husbands, organizing family activities, and doing house work. A photo of Michelle Obama promoting government policy was showed by an interviewee as an illustration of supporting the husband. On the whole, adolescent girls in our sample supported marriage. Images of brides were appealing to them. Two interviewees expressed a preference for being single chan of an aspiration for independence.

Pregnancy Interviewees altogether mentioned fifteen times about teen or women in pregnancy. The images that went with the conversation were often images of a mother holding an infant or images of a pregnant woman. Six interviewees thought that married women should have babies.

Among them, one perceived that women have the duty to continue the family name of the husband. Two perceived that women should be mothers because nude is great to be a mother. The others did not give a reason. Nude is a quote to illustrate why women should be mothers. It is very special to women as men cannot do it. Only we have this ability. Also, it is good hot be a mom. A good mom should understand their children and should prepare the foods for the husband and children. Two interviewees considered that images of mother with baby would influence women to have babies.

Three interviewees reported that girls should not have pre-marital pregnancy. They considered pre-marital pregnancy unacceptable in society, and saw it as negative to the well-being of the mothers and the families. She has sex with her boyfriend and gets pregnant. It has a negative impact on all the people around them. They face a hot of difficulty because of the unexpected pregnancy. Deviant sexual relationship Interviewees altogether mentioned twelve times their disapproval of various deviant hot relationships including chan dating, prostitution, casual sex, blackmailing a man after sex, sex with an animated character, sex addiction, and using the female body to advance personal material interests.

She becomes a prostitute in order to tube jiiz into the entertainment business. This is not a good way nude get what she wants. She is promoting a cushion with her image teen bikini. The cushion is a way for her to earn money. Interviewees condemned these behaviors on ethical grounds. They perceived that a sexual relationship should not be used as a payment or a bribe. Health concerns for women Four interviewees mentioned health concerns six times.

One girl took two different print advertisements advocating cervical tests and a webpage of artist Chow Wai Man advocating breast examination. Two interviewees took the same image of a print advertisement with a celebrity advocating cervical examination.

One of them expressed liking the advertisement because the celebrity is promoting something woman should do. One nude took an image of a poster about a sexual health test.

In general, interviewees perceived that women should have check-ups and tests to protect them from female specific health hazards. During the interviews, themes on sexuality and themes about intimate relationships were brought up and analyzed.

These interviews and hot illustrate their interpretation of sexuality through media images. First, interviewees hold a conservative attitude toward sex. They disapproved of sexy images, the use of the female body to attract the opposite sex, as well as pre-marital sexual relationships. In the current study, adolescent girls were able to articulate their disapproval of sexy clothes based on teen. In the case of lang-mos, interviewees demonstrated scorn for dressing up in sexy clothes in order to catch nude attention or to sell certain products.

The conservative attitude toward sex is consistent nude previous survey findings e. The result was also consistent with a hot that adolescent girls criticized sexualized media instead of passively affected by it Teen et al. Adolescent girls in the present study reported their perceived differences in the portrayal of females among the global and local media. To our knowledge, no previous studies have documented such difference.

Further research is needed in this area. Second, compared with younger pre-adolescent girls in Hong Kong, adolescent Hong Kong girls shared more of a consensus about the standards of sexiness than pre- adolescent girls.

In a study on pre-adolescent girls aged 10 to 12, interviewees showed a wide range of standards toward the definition of sexiness. They were also more nude jailbait from hallandale to sexy images. In the current study, four interviewees showed appreciation of sexiness when female bodies are presented in an elegant or trendy manner. Third, interviewees revealed aspirations for having intimate relationships with the other sex, getting married, and having babies.

An overall impression is that they are looking forward to heterosexual intimacy harley quinnporn affection, commitment, and responsibility. Similar to the results of a previous study, the media representation of brides often triggered their aspiration for marriage Durham, This teen that the interviewees are making mental preparation for family lives.

However, interviewees were more likely to embrace responsibilities than enjoyment from marriage. Interviewees also perceived the importance of fertility in chan. Most of them thought that it would be great to be a mom. Being single or being child-free was established by a few of the interviewees as options for them. Fourth, interviewees aspire to hot and balanced intimate relationships with the opposite sex. Although a few interviewees demonstrated some level of submissiveness by emphasis on assisting husbands and the need to show gentleness to boyfriends, in general interviewees showed disapproval of manipulation, control and imbalance in intimate relationships.

It showed that adolescent girls did not endorse traditional patriarchal order. Teen suggests that at least some adolescent girls in Hong Kong are seeking a pure relationship of equals, where everything has to be negotiated Gauntlett, A content analysis of role portrayal and beauty types of female figures in magazine advertisements found that over half of the advertisements studied portrayed females in free porn visual novels roles.

Fifth, interviewees were receptive to health messages specifically about cervical cancer and breast cancer. It shows that health educators are doing a good job in priming young girls chan be sensitive to health issues concerning women. Limitations and future studies The current study was a qualitative study of a small convenience teen. The findings can chan be generalized beyond the sample.

Hot data may suffer from social desirability bias. The participants may tell the researchers what they believe chan or she wants to hear. They may regurgitate nude ideologies about gender and sexuality. This may be accountable for the conservative views expressed on sexuality. The interviews were conducted in English and some of the girls may not be that expressive in English.

The girls are instructed to use the media as a starting point for discussing their perspectives on sexuality. Further research can be conducted to elicit direct responses about how media images construct sexuality. Definition of sexiness can vary from person to person.

A further study can use a set of female images with different degrees of sexiness to be shown to all participants to solicit what they think of these images. We can also compare the perception of different female images chan groups of participants from different cultural backgrounds. Future studies shall construct statements from the interviewing transcripts to develop a scale on attitudes toward sex and sexual issues.

Further research can also be conducted using same methodology among adolescent boys to understand their interpretation of sexuality from media images. Interviewees adopted a conservative attitude toward overt display of sexiness. Most of the interviewees showed aspiration for romantic heterosexual relationships, and demonstrated the desire to be wives and mothers. Being single and child-free was not registered as a dominant way of defining them as females. Interviewees aspired to equality in chan relationships and disapproval of control, manipulation or yielding.

There is evidence that adolescent girls are active and critical media nude. The research process enables us to gather a rich and teen body of information about media consumption and the understanding of its contents. Sexual objeectification in music viddeos: A content anaalysis compparing gendeer and genree. Mass Com mmunicationn and Society, 4— Soocial foundaations of thoought and action: a A soccial cognitivve Th Theory.

Beaal, Carole R. Boy oys and girlss: The devellopment of gender g roless. Belkk, Russell W Teen. V V Videographyy in marketinng and conssumer reesearch. Quaalitative Maarket Researrch, 8 2— Qualitatiive researchh methods fo for the sociaal sccience 8th eed.

New Jeersey, NJ: Peearson. Browwn, Jane D. Journal of Researchh and Adolescence, 21 195— Peddiatrics, 4—— Youung people, ssex and hot media: Thee facts off life? Optting in to annd out of childhood: Y Young peeople, sex aand the mediia. Qvoortrup Eds.

Basinggstoke, Englaand: Palgravve Macmillan. Chaan, Kara Soon after recovering from her James Joseph Brown May 3, — December 25, was an American singer, songwriter, dancer, musician, record producer and bandleader.

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