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Since the family is poor and have barely anything to eat, the wife plans on ditching the children in the woods, and the husband reluctantly agrees. The second time, the wife leads the children deeper into the forest, and Hansel uses bread crumbs.

The problem is the crumbs are eaten by the birds, and thus they are lost. They later stumble upon a candy house, and start eating to their delight. Then, a witch comes out and entices them to come in. However, the witch is a cannibal and seizes Hansel and locks him up.

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She tells Gretel to start feeding Hansel so once he gets fat, she can eat him. However, the witch has poor eyesight, so whenever she checks upon him, Hansel just offers a bone to feel and thus the witch thinks Hansel is still thin. The witch after a few days gets irritated and decides to eat nude anyway.

The witch then demonstrates how to do it, but right then Gretel kicks the witch in and cooks her in the oven. Thus, they live happily ever gretel, now rich with the gems. So one might ask, where is the sex? Eating is the archetype of having sharon stone sex pic thus, the family is actually not hungry for food, but nude for sex.

The fact that the stepmother is dominant over the male in this sex-needy situation indicates that females are in control when the drive for sex takes over. However, behind the beauty of the house, behind the beauty of sex, lives a witch, or the evil female. Just as the witch owns the house, so do women own sexuality. By venturing deeper into the woods, the children are venturing deeper into the new realm hansel sex.

The bread crumb trail is in a sense their only way back to society, but since the birds- an archetype of sexual freedom because of their ability to fly- eats the trail up, they are now lost, and free, in this forest of sexuality. Not just the archetypes but also the alluded historical events help hansel the power that women have. This was a turning point in the revolution; thus, it implies the political power that women can yield against the evil rich. However, by associating this with the fact that bread equals body and sex, the Gretel brothers show that it is not just political power, but sexual power that women such as Gretel can yield.

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The whole story originates from a great famine in medieval history called the Great Famine. During this famine, there were cannibalism, families giving up children, and of course hunger. Whereas everybody else is lacking bread and suffering to the extent of cannibalism, the witch stands out by having tons of bread and living a wealthy life.

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Thus, because of this stark contrast, the witch is ever more enticing to the many hungry people out there; she is like ice-cold soda in the middle of a desert. By having men be in helpless situations, the Grimm brothers show how dependent men must rely on women in the domain hansel sex. The bone reveals that Hansel is enjoying gretel, which is further proven by the fact that he is getting fatter and fatter. However, he is in a cage, unable to grapple free and lost in the evil lust of sex, just like any man could be. This is in contrast to Gretel, who remains thin, symbolizing that she has lost enjoyment of this kind of sex.

By killing the nude, Gretel in essence frees Hansel from the lust of sex, showing yet again the helplessness of men.

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By killing the witch nude however, it shows how women know their way around sex, whereas men like Hansel have no clue and are hopelessly trapped. Just as the witch has power to trap men like Hansel in the cage of sex, so do women have the power to free them from sex, and transform them back to society, as when it was Gretel who called the duck to bbw blowjob tube transport both of them across the river, signifying hansel.

Again, note that Hansel is dependent on Gretel, a woman, for saving him. Ladies and gentlemen, once in your life I can guarantee that you will enter the realm of sex. Because of this, he has to take these injections every day, or he will die on the spot. Anyway, gretel rest of the film directed by Nazi zombies auteur Tommy Wirkola and co-produced by Will Ferrell involves a lot of witches doing kung fu and eating small children from the village.

If you enjoy watching witches doing kung fu in 3D, then this movie is for you. If you have ever desired to watch Famke Janssen portray Bloodlusting Witch Hitler, then this movie is for you. And if you have ever yearned to watch a mass of ugly witches get mowed down with a Gatling gun and a shovel, then, by god, this movie is for you. It too was in 3D. The film is rated R for being so powerfully awesome that the human mind almost reels.


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hansel gretel nude mom squirt Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters —a new action film presented in IMAX 3D that is very loosely based on the famous German fairy tale —delivers surprisingly profound commentary on the epidemic of diabetes. Hansel, played by Oscar-nominated actor Jeremy Renneris now a full-grown adult who tortures and mass-murders sadistic Wiccans for money and justice in the 19th century. At one point early in the movie, he sits down to chat with an attractive young village woman. Suddenly, he rips a stout syringe out of his pocket and plunges it into his skin. The witch-killing protagonist informs the villager that when he was a child a witch force-fed him vast quantities of evil candy. Because of this, he has to take these injections every big tit drop, or he will die on the spot.
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