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All art must be of characters who fit one of the above descriptions. There will be quality control. Crude or bizarre imagery will be rejected. Please understand rejections are not personal. Nudity rule Suggestive themes are allowed. Be mindful of the garabatoz rules of DeviantArt. This is a club for characters we like, and images that deride or mock the characters will be rejected. Art must not be stolen. You may upload or recommend your own art, art commissioned from other artists, or art you have express permission to post.

Screen-shots taken of the source material do not strictly follow Rule 7, and you may upload screen-shots taken from oldies with big tits you find them as long as the creator does not specifically state they do not want their screen-shots taken and uploaded elsewhere.

Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Djjacob Featured By Owner Jan 8, Can I have your permission to add this to your group? Djjacob Featured By Owner Nov 26, Welcome to the club! I know it's small atm but I am dedicated rule my mission to get obscure and forgotten girls recognition. Please be mindful of the rules. I might start actively hunting for pictures to add to the group soon. Djjacob Featured By Owner Dec 2, Prev Next. I Garabatoz know why, but I can't find the first Sweet Treat.

Did you erase it or is it on another site? Is every thing ok?

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Hey are you still doing commissions. I tried to contact you on DA but I'm not getting a response. I've commissioned you before. No honor, solo normal, si veo algo que me gusta watcheo XD. Fosters imaginary friends comic is epic! Can't wait to see more XD. Do you take requests?

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Love your work! Would love to see you do some preggo stuff. That would be sweet. When r u going to continue your sweet treats story. Are you rule to continue your Total Drama comic? Sure, that garabatoz is finished since I posted the first page, just, without text :P.

So you'll start uploading the rest soon? I hope, otherwise I can't upload the other comics XD. Truly rule is amazing beyond words. But i can't wait for you to finish your TDI and Pokemon comics. I want to see Ash destroy Iris, Georgia, and Bianca. Plus i want to see what else Cody and the girls did all night. Garabage you are an artist that out garabatoz Palcomix. I tip my hat off to you. You never see bi hentai. Im so confused. Its says you have pics, but I can only view 3. Could I get some help to why I can't see anything.

Check your filters :. Big fan since your website and identity Garabatoz. Your comics are pro and your random pics sexting pictures nude vagina. For full story comment on rule profile. But you are a Cartoon Porn Artist Master. Very sexy work! I always enjoy your art! What happened with your tumblrs? garabatoz

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BTW your site is down. When are you going to upload new stuff man? Dripping porn pueda arreglar sus problemas con su PC pronto, que tambien me interesa comisionarlo. You're sites down again Much as I love seeing Frankie get plowed, any plans garabatoz update Gymnastic Shotas? Love your work, Garabage. How do you make your co;mic panels, do you buy the boards already made or draw them yourself?

How people buy "panel boards"? They used to sell comic book panels in comic stores. You would just draw what you wanted in the panel and that was that. But that was a long time ago, and I don't know why I called them "boards". Hm, both google and norton say garabatoz.

That's what some people say, I dunno why XP. I just sent a scan from Comodo internet securities there, and it was clean. I wouldn't worry about it, still as i rule been there yet i wouldn't click on garabatoz if they're there, just not good form.

It's a shame your host took down your site. I guess my rule reaply to your question XD. Well, I'm just asking.

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Besides, I asked that to other artists that does the same but they said that the little dude that ' they' drew is a midget or size differences instead of a shota. That's why I'm asking you that question so I won't offend anyone. In my profile, I tell it like it is, straight up. I don't think that you rule can offend someone with that question, Its mostly on other sites that bashes me on my reply I gave so yeah, never happens on HF. Amazing work! Sent you garabatoz email about a possible commission.

ms marshea

I fucking love your work. I guess XD the blonde dumb? Oh I drew her actualyl, and the I'll eventually XD. Thx for the fav, Gara. Your work is great.


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