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Hi folks, just sharing a thought here. I would like to first say that I love the game, you guys are doing a terrific work here. Secondly, I would like to tsugest two new characters: Being a guy thats fairly overweight and sport broad shoulders, I'm more about giving some of the guy e621 a more "round" figure, if you know what Pandaren mean. Even with pandaren inflation tool, I think the Rhino character still falls under the "bara" body type besides, the tool focus is the belly, not the overall bodywhile a bear for example would fit more nicely in that h- role musclegut, or straight up fat -- think of Wolfy-Nail's Burelom or Fleki's Zein.

Thanks for the round boobs girls and e621 the game once again. September edited AM. What do you guys think?

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Pandaren I suppose the definition has changed meaning at this point as everyone refers to the "gay bear-mode" porn as bara by now. But I would support the suggestions you've made for sure. I'd love to see a bear character, but honestly, I'd support a LOT of just varied characters. I'd personally love an orca male e621. To keep it simple for the devs to understand: "Should we add a character th-" Yes.

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September edited September Thanks for the support nonetheless. I've actually been thinking of a bear character.

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A big cuddly bear with a big belly. That would be awesome. Not sure when we'd do that though. Umbreon Fucking Jolteon - Pokemon rule34 animation 5 min. Dragon yiff - Critterclaws 15 2 min.

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