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So, I'm just now reading the thread after my initial comment and this made me think of the "why do black people act like black women have to be above average to attract the average black man" thread.

Why do people act like black women have to be above average Proof indian pprn y'all bashing this cute girl, and if you don't think she's cute or average looking, she surely isn't ugly, yet you are bashing her like she is, when she is not. Majority of you are average looking yourselves. Then you want to complain that males are putting pressure on you to look a certain way, no, YOU are doing it to yourselves and other women!!

Seek help!! Thanks x 11 Skeptical x 1 Hugs! I give her 5.

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Thanks x 2 LOL! Insufficient melanin levels are an automatic non-starter for me but since she asked Her accent is annoying her voice is nasally her hair doesn't flatter her face and nip activity gallery lipstick has turned sentient and started crawling off them joker ass duck lips I will generously rate her a 3.

Thanks x 3. Ooohh chile she is a solid 4. I can't even watch the whole video cause something about her face look strong af. Thanks x 5 LOL! Thanks x 3 LOL! OP they dont want to hurt her feelings. Thanks x 2 Skeptical x 1. Thanks x 2.

Thanks x 5. Sep 24, And I don't have loose curls. The belief that all light skinned blacks or all biracial people have loose curls really has got to go. Your skin color has no bearing on what kind of hair texture you have. I've seen people darker than me with looser curls than I do. Fine haired, low density, highly porous curly kinky lady Last relaxer: Not sure. The debate of 'do light skinned blacks exists' confuses me.

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It is as if folks have never seen a family made up of black people. My grandfather had dark skin, my grandmother light. Their children's skin tones ranged from dark to light. Are the dark skin children more black than their full blood siblings? How exactly are the light skinned siblings less black?

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By saying that light skinned blacks don't exist, people are also saying that dark skin people can't also be mixed nor can they exist, considering they can be mixed just as much as a light skin black person. People obviously need to leave their houses and meet people so they can see that black people come in all shapes, sizes and colors. As people have pointed out, we are all mixed with something and that mixture expresses itself in different ways, including light skinned blacks with "naps".

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Ninjarette Posts: 3, Registered Users. Precious Curls Posts: Registered Users. You won't find many people who are racially pure Both of you should probably peep some pictures on natural hair Tumblrs. Plenty of lighter toned naturals with "negro naps" Photo Album. Curiosity killed the cat? CuteKinks Posts: 76 Registered Users.

I am a light skinned Black. And yes I exist. My go-to styles: Wash-N-Go Pony puffs. I'm a dark skinned Cambodian. On my EVO. I'm too fancy for proofreading. That video circulating on Facebook. The one of teenage boys talking about the type of girls they like. And it goes on.

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Answer after answer; boy after boy, describing their light-skinned girl fetish. Firstly, many of the boys talking are dark-skinned. Aggressive sexualisation of our bodies — whatever our race — never feels nice. The language used to describe women in this video both disrespects and dehumanises. This thinking still affects us today.

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This simply indicates to me that we are still adhering to this out-dated philosophy — when it comes to black people, the closer to Europeans; the better. White culture and black culture alike still reinforce this Enlightenment ideology. Hip-hop music videos have often focused on the physicality of mixed-race women, fetishising their bodies only serving to deepen sexist and racist attitudes in society.


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curly light skinned girl regina hall sexy pictures Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. My Cart. Like what you see? March in Hair Type 4. Random thread, so my mixed guy friend and i had a healthy debate about the term "light skin blacks. My arguement was, not all lighter blacks have mixd heritage.
curly light skinned girl ruler tube On a Manchester Magicbus inan ex-boyfriend told me that mixed-race girls were at the top of his preferred appearance hierarchy. Naturally, it sent me, a medium-to-dark black girl, on a silent self-esteem spiral downward. In an inspired YouTube video that subtly blends general objectification with colourism — our star takes to the streets to ask young black lads what their ideal gal looks like. The answer: light-skins with 3b curly hair and a big back. No dark skins.
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