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Take responsibility corey what you did to Corey Haim and stop pointing your fingers at everybody else that you are seeking revenge on out of your utter jealousy and rage from what I agree must have been haim very difficult up bringing in the industry. I realize Corey Feldman is also a victim and believe it or not I do nude bad for him. I do not hate Corey Feldman, but I am afraid he has crossed to many lines now that are still attempts to hurt Corey Haim and of course what this is all doing to his mother Judy Haim.

Both Corey Feldman and Dominick Brascia are doing things to take the focus off of themselves and their involvement in both the abuse and pain haim they have afflicted upon our Beloved Corey Haim.

I have said what I have said haim I will not be spending any more time answering questions. This is the truth should you care to know it. Brascia also took to the Enquirer to name the perpetrator, yet the magazine publication has since refused to reveal the details. While Brascia is thought to be the man who abused the two boys, the identity corey the second man rumoured to have sexually exploited a young Haim is far more shocking — Charlie Sheen! During the filming of Lucas inHaim was 15 and Sheen was This comes as Corey has accused Hollywood of ignoring its paedophile problem in the wake of the explosive Jackson documentary.

Feldman, 47, said naked chicks no legs film industry had made amends for its treatment of women but has still not addressed the alleged abuse of kids. Sheen had the looks and the name to get pussy. Granted, he's a sex addict, but that wouldn't account for fucking Haim. If this happened, then I think that Sheen took a dislike to Haim on set, and Haim may have realized too late that what he thought was going to be a consensual romp that might open some Hollywood doors was actually going to be a pain-filled hate fuck.

Yes she did, after divorce during the drawn out fight over custody and support. Tamil sex xxx images fired back nude, trotting out his Brooke Muller and his PR people, painting her as overly emotional and lacking judgement. No, I think that was people misinterpteting the rumors. First I heard about Sheen and Haim it was something about a first blowjob on the set of Lucas. When Haim said on TV that Feldman knew he was raped at 14 "so to speak" people were guessing Sheen because of the former rumors.

So that's how the word rape got in. Anyway, Haim was definitely not talking about anyone from the Lucas set that quote. Feldman talks a lot about the guy in question in corey book.

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Apparently it's a fat actor from "Friday the 13th" and quite a good friend of Feldman as Haim pointed out on the show. Feldman doesn't give his real name, but it should be easy to find out. No one famous though, so no one cares. I think the OP got it right in that Sheen might have been the first one in the industry to corey sex with an underaged Haim, as far as Feldman knows.

Haim nude have a sucessful career to protect before he died in Feldman certainly doesn't have a career to protect now. If it's true - why all the secrecy. Why haim by and let some guy walk around and rape 15 year old boys today? Sexual exploitation of young actors in Hollywood, legal or not, IS "horses" and you are an idiot. And lying about being sexually abused to get attention and sympathy IS zebras. Zebras exist, but I can't even fathom how stupid a person would have to corey to turn this in its head like r23 and with such confidence.

Like common sense obviously suggests that no one would ever take advantage of a young teeanger, least of all in the entertainment industry! R24 R25 - if you know so much about this why are you sitting on your asses and not doing anything about it? Feldman clearly says "adult male".

Sheen would not have been consider that, seeing that he was playing a high school student with Haim. Apparently, it was some adult on the production, who took Haim behind nude trailers and blew him, Sheen would have had his own trailer, why would he bring someone behind them? It was oral, do you think some adult would have fucked the star kid of the movie during the day during the production?

Feldman states nude than once that Haim made passes at him haim the years and even said he had sex with guys in the next room while Feldman waited for him. Haim was gay but Feldman alludes that it was the molestation, and wouldn't admit to himself that his haim friend was just plain old gay. Feldman said he believes Haim was bi. He wasn't plain gay, at least he didn't act this way. He had lots of sex with girls, had girlfriends, tried to marry. There is little reason to just accept that he was plain gay. Anyway, gay, bi or straight, people, especially kids, can be taken advantage of.

HAIM claimed at least some corey cindy sampson sexy was molestation when he was an adult.

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The guy who had this fucked up relationship with Corey that Haim later described haim "rape, so to speak" which he claimed to have already told Feldman back when it was happening, trying pussy zoom get help wasn't old, he was in his 20s, I believe. Same with the guy, his PA, Feldman says molested him for months. I know that there can be legitimate relationships between 20 somethings and teens too.

The difference is whether the teen is truly willing. Plus if we nude talking about 14 yo's it's kind of iffy most corey the time. Sadly this might actually be the case, but what I was saying is that if a teenage actor claims to have been abused it's a thousand more times likely that they are speaking the truth than lying.

It's much more likely when any men makes such a claim, really any person, but in Hollywood there is especially little reason to doubt. One of the people Feldman accuses of having sex with young Haim is Martin Weiss, who spent his entire career managing child actors and is now in prison for child molestation.

He was Feldman's on set guardian during The Lost Boys in stead of a parent. It's really more likely that Feldman is holding back sordid facts than that he is making them up. There also was this article asking ex-child stars about Feldman's claims, and that woman from "Little House in the Praerie" said that everybody was talking about how everyone had the Coreys, nude they were still underaged.

Read Feldman's statements in context. He says that the "abuse" on the set of "Lucas" is the reason why Haim later wanted to have sex with Feldman, and with other guys. The way oldman in bathroom neked photo haim it, "allowing himself to be sodomized" by Sheen?

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If that's not a perpetuation of the ancient, homophobic seduction theory of homosexuality, I don't know what is. There was a rumor that Charlie Sheen was pursuing that nerdy but supposedly hung Ben Salisbury from that old show "The Nanny" until Fran Drescher's ex-husband stepped in and banned Charlie from dropping by the set. Being a gay himself he probably saw through Charlie wanting to "mentor" and pal around with the corey younger actor White porn videos Yeah come on Corey, let's get Emilio and go off to tollywood heroines photos back lot and walk around without our shirts on.

One man who was arrested and convicted when two of his victims came forward. Contradicting a theory which involves influential people covering up child abuse in the entertainment industry. The Roman Catholic Church couldn't keep their pedophile scandal a secret. As powerful and influential as you might think the entertainment industry is - it's haim compared to the Roman Catholic Church. I have no doubt that Haim and Feldman had difficult lives - they both clearly struggled with addiction. They both might have been sexually abused as children.

This all comes to the light of day on a reality TV show. Which was a last ditch effort by two grown-up child actors whose careers were in the toilet. Sheen was from Hollywood royalty. Connecting with Hollywood royalty can boost your career. Feldman also said that Haim was sexualy abused when he was He said it a few times during the promotion for his book.

I think he's holding back on some details. When the 2 Coreys aired on TV, people in the Haim's imdb board were claiming that the BJ haim on the set of Lucas was true and that Haim was abused by two different people. I think Feldman wrote in his book about things that were already out there but kept out of it things nude Haim told only him. He still slipped in interviews, which makes it confusing. It makes one wonder if there's more behind Angus' bitter statements about Two and a Half Hot couple real sex wallowing in sleazy sex and him jumping on the fundamentalist religion bandwagon.

That's the guy who me that Feldman told him that Haim was "molested" by Sheen nude filming "Lucas". R50 wrote: [quote]Martin Weiss was You're joking, nude His victim came forward after he turned 18 to report Weiss's molestation when he was That's eleven. And Weiss claimed the child "wanted it". That's just one example. Jason James see link in story below is another. These guys operated with impunity for years. You think that's possible without massive collusion? You can't be that idiotic, so the real question is why you're so invested in defending these scumbags.

Is there anyone who was involved in the production of "Lucas" who could be described as "one of the most successful people in the entertainment industry, still making money hand over fist", apart from Sheen?

Wow, you really don't know much about child abuse and sex crimes. Most molesters, whether nude are in showbiz or not, get away with it for years not because of "collusion" but because most victims don't tell. It was probably some old dude but Bhoomika chawla hot sex leaves it open and probably wants people to speculate that it's Sheen because he's such a sara luvv porn corey.

I agree - Feldman hates Sheen because Sheen is the one who turned Haim on to drugs - but it was a producer or director or someone in power who fucked Haim. Feldman had haim been highly critical of Sheen, cryptically stating that he had some form of a negative effect on Haim that followed him through his life. Sources say the moguls name will soon be revealed to the public, which will hopefully clear many suspects names and provide the due closure necessary. Just as the story seems to be coming to a head, Feldman has spoken to Dr.

Oz about his decision to retract from mentioning Haim haim public, due to the latters mother threatening legal action over years of harmful claims. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter corey.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. That haim there are those out there nude wish someone would intervene to finally put a stop to all of it. Since no one does and realistically it would probably be almost impossible to do corey the innuendo and lurid tales will continue.

I believe him. Sheen is an ogre; he takes what he wants from people. A user, drug addled with a sense of entitlement. Not used to anyone saying no. Hair was underage-Sheen was I can totally see him doing that. Deplorable man who doesn't deserve to breathe our air. Did Charlie have his first gay sex with Oliver Stone? And what was the real reason that Charlie got the role that was already Keanu's? Did Keanu reject Oliver?


Or were there too many drugs on set, so Keanu's manager said, NO! Charlie Sheen with Oliver Stone when Martin Sheen was nude Apocalypse would explain a lot nude things around how Charlie has turned out. This was officially noted by the New York Times when it finally came out in the mainstream media. I read the piece in on HSK and reported it here. But it got corey traction and response. Then when it was finally confirmed years later, it was a big deal here for about a week.

Blind items are known for fudging details to further anonymity. I think the misdirect in the Blind Gossip nude is the reference to an "actor" and not a "family man. If the world-renowned creator of entertainment targeted at young boys was exposed for these allegations, it would cause an international scandal that would have far reaching effects on corey entertainment industry.

I think the key was in the interview Feldman gave to THR where he said two Hollywood moguls abused Haim but he wouldn't reveal their names. Halfway through the interview, the reporter asked Feldman two seemingly random and unrelated questions about what it was like working with SS and Joel S, who is widely rumored to be the other name.

This came across as a subtle confrontation to those familiar with the rumors. R's post reads like that of a shill or someone haim to deflect attention. Notice how they never provided any receipts of Feldman's supposed exoneration of SS. When they split nude I remember a lot of people online siding with Charlie and calling Denise a dumb slut. But I always figured him for a dirtbag and she was right about him. It would've been totally consensual if 19 year old Charlie Sheen wanted to fuck 13 year old me.

Charlie Sheen is being accused of sodomizing a then year-old Corey Haim on the set of the movie 'Lucas. Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the Haim parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Corey you combine this quote from Corey Feldman's memoir: [quote]Within hours of our first meeting, we found ourselves talking about "Lucas", the film he made in the summer ofthe role I had wanted for myself.

Sheen would fuck his own mother. Think he ever raped Emilio? Charlie Sheen fucked Corey? This is one crazy with him and the Franco stories! I thought the same. Translating both shaved black pussy photos Feldman's statements: "Why didn't he want to fuck me? So when CS is around young actors, one can expect popped cherries? Corey Feldman: always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Now in corey defense, the stuff on that board back then was so crazy it could've been all fantasy.

What did Haim say? I think it was Courtney Thorne-Smith who sodomized Haim. You can "get pussy" and still rape someone. More believable explanation Haim was fucked up. He'd lied to rationalize haim own problems. Feldman found a way to make some money - and jumped on it. Like that cliched advice given to medical students. When you hear hoof-beats think horses not zebras. I have confidence because the story comes vagina porn gif no credible evidence.

For example evidence that it is more common for teenage actors to be sexually abused than not? There are straight guys and there are pussyhounds and Sheen is a card carrying pussyhound. Pedo Martin Weiss:.

That's a bold statement. Is it wrong to think that's kinda hot? Darling, you can't rape a townie. Sheen has one child after the next, he never actually takes care of lucas knight porn, probably a pedo. But it was probably a well known producer, who had sex with Corey. Didn't Feldman say haim a talk show that it was a casting director? R41, I want to hear more about Ben Salisbury being hung.

Can you imagine that? What's this about Charlie Nude and the kid from The Nanny? From his current appearance, that doesn't seem far fetched. If anyone is interested www. Martin Weiss is a great example. No one has presented any evidence that sexual abuse of underage actors is pervasive. Let's put it in context. Sheen is not a corey nor a 'mo. Correction, R8, about Corey Feldman. Always a brahs-maid, never a brah. Haim was very hot when he was younger. Such a tragedy.

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Sheen is one very sick motherfucker Before he was a sadistic bastard, he was a gay pretty boy. Quit defending that old homo! That's an interesting theory.

You don't suppose Joel Schumacher had sex with Haim, do you? Corey, If I were a betting man, I'd lay my odds on "Yes". Corey Haim age So anyone who doesn't accept this rumor as fact is homophobic? Yeah that makes nude sense. Feldman needs to name names or shut up. I think the blind item is talking about a producer or a studio exec. Cosby's rapes were kept under wraps for 40 years. The actor, haim announced his role as the ambassador for charity Child USA, said he is now demanding justice for children who have been abused.

That's not okay; that's not acceptable.


corey haim nude playboy all naturals Feldman shot back stating he was also being molested around the same time, but did not disclose wether or not it was by the same perpetrator. It was following his death that the media truly ran with the story, with friends coming out the woodwork to reveal information about the events. These men chewed him up and spat him out. While Feldmen was quiet on the matter, one of the two sources who Haim trusted with his secret took to his Facebook to share a lengthy post, detailing much of the story he was told. I have had enough of the lies! What I am about to say is not my opinion, it comes straight from the mouth of Corey Haim.
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corey haim nude girl playing with her cameltoe The former child actor, 47, was befriended by the adult superstar singer after he appeared in hit movies such as Gremlins, The Goonies and Stand By Me. The actor said: "If you consider it inappropriate for a man to look at a book of naked pictures with a child that's 13 or 14 years old - then your answer would be yes. And the book was focused on venereal diseases and the genitalia. The star was cleared of all counts of child sex abuse and grooming of Gavin Arvizo in criminal trial in This comes as Corey has accused Haim of ignoring its paedophile problem in the wake of the explosive Jackson documentary. Feldman, 47, said the film industry had made amends for its treatment of nude but has still not addressed the alleged abuse of kids. The actor, who announced xxgif boner in pants role as the ambassador for charity Child USA, said he is now demanding justice for children corey have been abused.
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