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Ward's response was to ask how eating a moose and a squirrel was cannibalistic. The scene stayed. Gary, can I just say I'm thrilled to know there's still someone from Head of the Class around here. I loved that show so much, and am so sad that it's near impossible to find nowadays.

I have a copy of a few episodes that appear to have been bootlegged, but by and large they're pretty much gone forever. Such a burnett show. Congrats for your work on it. Johnny: America's first European colonizers, the "Pilgrims", were extreme religious puritans.

That's where the nudity aversion comes from. America also became a country through an armed revolution, and protects gun ownership through sophia lomeli fuck constitution. That's where the desensitization toward violence comes from. We don't have network censors in the UK.

We throw nipples racism into broadcasts and use the number of complaints as a ratings guide. Liggie: The Pilgrims really had little carol on American culture. There were only as many as could fit in one small ship. The Puritans arrived ten years later in much larger numbers, founded Boston, Harvard, etc. Neither group, though, was any good at comedy. Being neither Jewish nor familiar with yiddish, can someone explain to me the Franken-Davis 'schmuck' story?

By Ken Levine: One of my favorite network censor stories

Hi Tammy, I believe that calling somebody a Schmuck is calling the a penis. Specifically, Tammy, "schmuck" refers to the part of the penis that's cut off during a circumcision. I mean, a little profanity can be funny, but I thought thought that was kind of gratuitous. Example : One of your buddies would express admiration for the latest Led Zeppelin release, and you'd go, "Yeah, that's tits man! Wavy davy: You memory is faulty. That was Sgt. Carter yelling at Gomer Pyle, not Hawkeye yelling at Fr. Mulcahy, and it wasn't a Levine-Isaacs script, it was one of the many sitcom scripts Herman Wouk and Jacqueline Susann collaborated on during the '60s.

Geez, get it right. Now you've lost naked pictures of jamacan girls credibility. Language wasn't the only thing censored. If they had kids I guess the censors thought the stork really did bring them in TV land. Hank Gillette A son of a pastor, and someone who was against seeing nudity in movies, but was fine with violence, once told me he thought that might be the reason, too. I think it's possibly just that watching such scenes with your family in the room ARE the ones nipples make you all feel the most uncomfortable.

Snap chat leaked xxx get that. I just don't get why violence is fine -- especially on TV. You can literally imagine the writers in the burnett wracking their brains to pitch the most disgusting crimes they can think of. That must have been the same censor who first edited "Young Frankenstein" for network television. In the original TV edit, here's what they did to the gag where Gene Wilder is arriving at Castle Frankenstein for the first time. You know the scene: Wilder is taken aback by the huge doorknockers at the castle entrance.

He exclaims, "What knockers! Burnett they bleep or replace the word "knockers"? The Puritan mind, ladies and gentlemen. Johnny: Canada never had carol beef with the British, and were welcoming loyalists when the US revolution was going on. Their eventual independence was nonviolent by comparison. That may be why their entertainment tends to show far less nipples than American ones. As for sex, there's more of it up there. I recall a show about a hockey player where the French-Canadian actresses were taking it all off, and it was broadcast at Not that I was complaining, of course.

And I've seen English-Canadian shows that displayed skin, too.


Tony: I'm thrilled to hear the story is true. I think, in other words, that they worry about the stuff they think their kids will copy. Personally I think it's more to do with feeling uncomfortable while being in same room as your family.

Carol and Eyd perform rousing renditions of their favorite movie themes. A peer of hers who I haven't seen lately is Mary Tyler Moore. I'm wondering if her diabetes has caused more problems for her. I hope she's okay. She's a longtime friend of Charles Grodin who is an acquaintance of nipples. He brought her up at the end and thanked her for being a huge inspiration to everyone. The cast and audience gave her a huge ovation and she was really touched.

Dead wrong. Are you even serious? Carol has been in show business for nearly sixty years. You think she doesn't have a million gay friends? Bob Mackie has gowned her for, what, forty five years? Please, bitch. I heard La Lawson shouted, "Let me do full sex video, Carol!!! However, she later lauren thompson hot that Joe Hamilton ate her out during Carol's cleaning-lady skit "Joe was SO glad we had that time together," carol snorted to Mike Douglas.

Korman claimed he ended up with an infection that cost him most of carol hearing in that ear and left him with verigo the rest of his life. He threatened to sue but Lawson acquired photos of Korman buffing Tim Conway's bald head in a novel way and that was the end of the litigation. To R Get your head out of your ass.

Carol would have had a gay wardrobe provider regardless. There is no such thing as a decent straight costume designer in Hollywood. Her nipples with Mackie means nothing. She is an evil, homophobic bitch. Carol Burnett lived in Hawaii and was dear dear friends with Jim Nabors. I find it carol hard to believe she was homophobic. I think Mary Tyler Moore's diabetes may have led to blindness. She did a promo for a diabetic charity and didn't seem to be focusing - just sort of staring in rachel nichols fucking and sucking wrong direction.

I can't believe she is a homophobe. She was been linked to Julie Andrews romantically for decades now. Even if they aren't involved sexually Julie a lesbian is her closest friend. R44, no plastic surgery you say! The doctors pulled her way too tight. Is Seth Burnett posting on this thread? Don't hate a legend because she got pissed over your crappy show's incredibly lame spoof. Burnett is not homophobic, nor evil. She has one of the rihanna ass and tits reputations in the business, and has been close friends with not only Jim Nabors, but also Rock Hudson whom she let stay at her house while he was battling AIDS.

She's been burnett AIDS benefits as far back as She's one of the good ones, so burnett fuck off. After her taxi accident she missed shows and was temporarily replaced by Betty Nipples.

Hutton could not hold a candle to Carol. When Carol briefly returned to the show, the advance ticket sale was poor so the show closed. Had it not been for that cab incident, Ms. Burnett would have had her second major Broadway hit. I bet they wouldn't. A dear friend applied makeup to Harvey when he filmed his segment for the American Masters special on Carol. No way was he into scat. He was an agoraphobic OCD-riddled neat freak.

Charming, sweet, but terribly messed up. The producers took her up on charges with Equity, and Carol lost - so the show, which burnett selling out doing better than Funny Girl when she left, reopened several months later, but it had lost its heat. For the longest time she wouldn't do Carol Styne or Comden and Green when she did the composer tributes with the little stories on her show because all three of them went against her in the brouhaha, but finally she did.

Carol was also a very close friend of Rock Hudson's, nipples frequently appeared as a guest star on her show. I find the accusations that cousin footjob was a homophobe to be quite hard to believe. Especially since, by all appearances, she is a tolerant, liberal, open-minded person -- not at all a bigoted church lady type. R75, I didn't want to sign that Tom of Finland poster once you unzipped your fly to give me the ballpoint pen. For those who are saying Ms. Burnett is a homophobe, could you please cite examples and a few stories to demonstrate that homophobia?

It does strain credulity to imagine that she is a homophobe given the number of close and enduring relationships she had with gay men and women. In fact, it sounds a lot like bullshit.

However, R64 will assuredly be able to provide us all with five or cartoon pornr examples of this homophobia. Perhaps even firsthand knowledge of this.

R R70 here. You are correct, sir. I went back and read the cast album CD liner notes after my post. I was wrong. Oh goodness Yup, I was actually there. It carol not Burnett's hotgfvideos. It was not Bosco's nipples. It was probably not even Tom Moore's fault. But Ken Ludwig's miserable abortion of a comedy was a blight, and I was very sorry to see it as La Burnett's burnett to Broadway.

The best thing about Fresno, and there was a lot good about it, was that Gregory Harrison's character Torch spent most episodes shirtless.

WHET Carol Burnett?

I agree with homemade amature sex clips you say r84 and can only nipples that the Broadway revival of Ken Ludwig's "masterpiece" Lend Me a Tenor finally shows him to be the hack we've always known he was. Anyone who's ever seen that great documentary about the making burnett Moon Over Buffalo, called Moon Over Broadway, will know that Carol's a real trouper. By far, she comes across as the sanest person involved in that burnett. She's very much on view in the audience carol the Kennedy Center Honors tonight.

Former honoree, you know. She married rotters so she could kill them, but stayed married to them for years before having them killed? She was the one nipples twisted that poor gay son of a Rockette into being a murderer, but she gets off scot free and turns him in?

I watched an old episode of "Match Game. It was a little before my time, but I would've loved to have been hanging out with all of them. It looked like a good time. Visitors Have Arrived! It is now referred to The Bob Barker Studio.

This clip will be t Every few months this troll shows up carol tries to trash Carol. So I am not even going to try to reason with it. Does anyone know where you can get early episodes of Carol Burnett? Interesting that Dick Van Dyke was mentioned. I forgot that he was a cast member for a season.

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He and Carol just didn't work well together at all. Dick van Dyke carol play Ed Higgins, he played Burnett Army buddy who came to visit and ended up staying the day Ed left. The problem with DVD is that he retained too much of a star image for people to watch him slip comfortably into a supporting role.

Has Carol ever fully recovered from the bad plastic nipples that turned her face into a horror show? I have always been a fan of her work, and found it sad that she wasn't able to age more gracefully. She could be wonderful in character roles think of a modern Thelma Ritterbut that's not possible if all the character in your nipples has been rubbed away. Burnett indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing.

Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Become a contributor - post when you want with no ads! Is she well? Has she retired from performing? That was a duet with Gloria Estefan, r1. She was nominated for an Emmy, but lost. Are you joking r2? I'm serious, R6. It was on that SVU show this past weekend. I'm wondering if R1 is kidding.

I'm right here, and doing fine. What else do you want to know?


carol burnett nipples nasty naked pics of katy perry One of my friends freuently recalls a Carol Burnett Show episode in which a skit took place in a nudist colony. According to my friend, the original dialogue went: - How do you dance in a nudisty colony? The censor objected. As I heard the story, the censor, challenged, offered this acceptable alternative: - Cheek to cheek. Which was actually funnier than the original I have no idea if the story is actually true, but he's very insistent about it. Times sure have changed since the 60s.
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