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Emma Watson II. Emma Stone III. Selena Gomez. Models posting their own feet pics for sale. Click here to check it out.

Comment section. The revised comment section is intended for intellectual discussions feet symmetry ugly aesthetics. Vulgar, hateful or sexually explicit comments have no place on this site. Blacklist user Reply. I would agree.!! I've loved this girl from head to toes since High School. She's going to need to work on her toes now Yes even you Paris! Iman looks like she has an extra toe with that bunion.

But you know what? Amy W's doesn't look all that bad compared to the other ones. There are no corns and her toes are even. Ballet flats must be working in her favor. Oprah with all her money that she spends on Louboutin's can't fix her feet? Feb 11, 19, Posts Physician. Wow, brazilian teen pornstar are some ugly feet! May 6, 23, Posts Elementary School Teacher. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. It always makes me laugh when we see brooke on tv or somewhere and I look at him….

All the young stars and my husband swoons over Brooke. Probably saw the nothing comes between me and my Calvins commercials! I loved Brooke when I was a kid, and I still have the postcard she sent me after I wrote her a fan letter. I think the current beauty trends are more about the cutesy, girly doll faces, like Selena Gomez types.

Brooke Shields has such a womanly elegance about her. Yep you got it. He has a type, Jennifer Shields, Liv Tyler, all these older brunettes. I am blonde, wonder if I should worry, Ha! I like Brooke, always have. Seems incredibly well adjusted despite that bat shit crazy mother.

Dating, I encountered guys who were into petite women. When I met my husband, he kept telling me to stop doing cardio so much and do toning instead.

Brooke Shields: ‘I was always considered the athletic one, that translated into big’

But he was right. I started counting calories. I try not to eat over calories a day. Perfect, but attainable. I would dearly love to see this kind of aspirational body become the one we see in magazines again. Heartily agree with both of you. Definitely agree that this should be the focus.

Fashion Faceoff: Brooke Shields Vs. Katherine Heigl In Naeem Khan | Glamour

Every other picture is vastly superior. I was just watching her episode of Friends last night. I think she just has a more naturally muscular body than most women.

Can I add to your statement? I would love it if we could stop using dangerously underweight actresses as standards of beauty. Brooke looks great! The first photo is distracting. It looks like she is about to shoot herself in the head because everyone is looking at her crotch!!!

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I also think the Hollywood ideal of small framed women is influenced by the often diminutive size of the leading men…. Not a great look. The rest of the photos are shields nice. It has nothing to do with weight. I ugly a large framed woman, and my skeleton alone is larger than model types. Add muscle and skin and I am bigger than than a size 10! A lot of harm has been done by the media and its depiction of the ideal thin woman. I used to beat myself up over this. I wish Feet could go back and hold my head up high and wear a damn bikini!

I looked great for my frame. I was a young teenager when I heard that story and it had brooke same effect on me.


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brooke shields ugly feet latex boots pics Brooke Shields did a cover interview and photoshoot for Health Magazine, and they put her in various white and cream shirts and cover-ups over just her underwear. It works, I think, in that it puts the emphasis on her classic look. Brooke is into fitness and trying new things, and it sounds like she also has a balanced approach to her diet, which is nice to hear. On accepting her body: Well, for years, stylists insisted on bringing me sample [sizes]. I was always considered the athletic one, and that translated into big. I was the big one.
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