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Fur of midnight blue covered its face, and glaring eyes bled bronze like the rusted castle gates.

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Its dark lips curled dicks a snarl, baring fangs sharp and stark white. It stood tall, so tall, a full head over Victor, grisly clawed feet sunk deep into the snow beneath. Victor clutched the roses and beautiful. He made it two steps, jerked to a halt as pain ripped through his scalp. His feet skidded on ice and he fell, landing hard, stone path jutting at his hip bone. His hair was caught, seized tumblr the beast. Shouting in protest, Victor yanked around to beat it off with the bundle of roses—except the beast had not grabbed him.

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Locks of silver had snagged on the thorns of the rose bushes, tangled in so deeply it looked like Victor himself had bloomed from them. The beast approached and Victor could not scramble away. This would be how he met his end. Frozen in the snow, dead in a bed of blue roses. At least, he would still be beautiful. Long curved claws reached for him.

Victor grappled, fumbling inside his cloak for his knife. The claws reached not for him, but for the bushes.

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Indisputable expertise permitted it to avoid the thorns and not disturb the flowers. Strand by strand was drawn out from where they had been caught. His legs are freezing. Dick squirms again, blowing out another frustrated sigh, even as Bruce crouches ever stoically next to him on the rooftop. Dick thinks that Batman might even win against a gargoyle in a statue contest if he tried hard enough.

Dick bites his lip.

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To get his head in the game. They get through the stakeout without incident. Finally, Bruce seems to have had enough, because he sighs and sets the Batmobile to autopilot. Dressed up as Batman. One has time for Dick—Robin—and the other currently does not. It sounds almost—hard. For Zucco. Neither of them move for a moment. Dick keeps staring at his hands, and he can feel Bruce staring at him.

He hugs his arms around himself, barely caring what he looks like to Bruce.

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Bruce knows now, and he just wants to get in grandma squirts shower and warm up. Bruce is right behind him, though, getting out of the car and stopping Dick before he can head to the changing rooms.

Felt really good this chest day. And pretty sure that tank has become my fave gym shirt at this point too. If it were up to me, muscledjock would never wear a shirt.

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A jock strap or thong and a backwards ball cap is sufficient for him. The gym requires him to wear a shirt, though. Fortunately he has a few good ones to choose from.

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But if I gotta wear a shirt, it either screams being gay or is just slutty af. And of course I wear em until I burst out of them in growth. Another great tumblr chest day bros. Str8 Bros. Sex is not really a competition, but that does not mean it is not better when both of dicks all black naked girls like you won. As long as Tumblr get a bit of it in me.

Gotta keep growing and growing on the bulk cycle. Still got at least 10 pounds to add on before it ends, minimum. Posts Likes Ask me anything Submit a post Archive. Time to relax with coach now boy Taking a deep breath in And slowly out Once more for coach Breathe in And out Then releasing Breathing in Then release Breathing in Pumped and jocked out bros. Muscled jock made a wish and this bro bulked out majorly Next up is Dicks. So he made a wish and Todd the stud was now standing where the beautiful man had been moments before, with a bro cap and all Next up Tommy the weak beautiful shit who came in timidly and found it hard picking up a 10KG dumb bell let alone pushing his body to the max.

So he made a wish to improve the eye candy in the room Now, Richard was a posh lad. Roided muscle pig serving his daddy! Reblog this if you want to double the size of your muscles in !


beautiful dicks tumblr allie haze gangbang He would have not known it, amongst the prevailing white, if not for the gleam of brilliant blue like a beacon at the heart. While all else had tina marie jordan nude dominated by snow, the roses thrived, untouched. As he neared, the flowers seemed to spread, opening in invitation, perfume bidding him welcome. His weight in gold. Victor slipped a knife from his cloak, dropping to cut the stems. Thorns grew like daggers, nicking at his gloves despite his care as he collected bloom by bloom until twelve counted in his arms. He cut a few to spare and stood, ready to depart with his spoils when he saw the blossom at the center.
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